This past week our huge giveaway that we held just finished, and with that we have completed most of our Ambassadorship with U.S.Bilby company.

This blog mostly exists due to the support that we receive from the generous companies that we work with – we receive products for reviews, and these products inspire us to learn more about the newest and most trending ideas are offered, and showcase how we get to use and test these products. We have loved working with U.S.Bilby this season, and are so happy to have had the beautiful liquid chalk markers that our kids have tried using, and using these nice softest bibs that allowed us to keep our baby clean, and her clothes tidy despite the messy food she has been eating.

My days are always going by in a flash, every day is like this. I am not one of those mothers who is constantly taking photos of her kids, and it is often quite a challenge to do with our youngest one being always on the go, moving every second of her day. Often times the only pictures I can get of her taken are the pictures when she is strapped in her high chair, but looking through those gets old quite quickly, and I always attempt to take pictures of her when she is running around as well.

bibs by USBilby

bibs by USBilby

bibs by USBilby

bibs by USBilby

This week I was lucky to grab some shots of my toddler wearing those awesome and prettiest bibs by U.S. Bilby. The reason that I love those bibs is that they are made of natural materials, stay well on the toddler, and keep her clothing clean. What’s not to like?

Finding bibs has always been a difficult task – there are a lot of models available out there, but how do you find the bibs that you can actually use? You want your child to look beautiful even when eating messy food, and look stylish, and those designs on the bibs will do just that. The pictures are awesome to wear on any day – whether it is an All-American holiday of the 4th of July, during a birthday party, or for a weekday meal at home. The bibs are so easy to wash, and keep clean – just throw them in the laundry, and you are all set.

I love U.S.Bilby bibs because they look stunning, stay put on the baby even when she pulls on them, and are as soft as our baby’s skin itself. The design of a bandana style baby bib looks so modern and cute!

Have you participated in the latest giveaway to win a set of these bibs but haven’t won? No worries, you can grab a set of these bibs here –

U.S.Bilby bibs

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