Well, today is one of those busy days in my house. There are several reasons for this – the stress level is going up in the house, and the amount of work to do is mounting and mounting.

What is the stress about? The school issues with the kids, and trying to get them working hard to get those resolved is challenging. The blogging adventures are taking me to fun places, and juggling the number of projects that are on my schedule is getting to be quite overwhelming at times. What am I working on right now? Be sure to stay tuned for exciting reviews and delicious ideas coming on the blog in the next few weeks – the adventures are getting more and more fun and I am so happy with where this blog is going – it is an exciting excursion to places unknown, with all the mysteries and fun that it brings! However, taking time to write up all of the posts and actions is getting quite an organizational puzzle as everything needs to be planned out properly not to miss all of the opportunities that are coming up.

What else? We have had a bit of an accident with our car recently – while everyone is fine, the car did get quite a beat-down, and now needs to be essentially overhauled – this is going to be a new money pit for us for a while now. This kind of event happens to everyone, and nobody is able to completely avoid accidents. This kind of an accident is very hard to get over though as it requires so much of a monetary outlay to get it fixed. Here, where we live, driving in a car around is not a luxury, but a necessity, so it is such an important part of our life, and we need to have a working car to get to places. We have got to find a way now to recover from this, and this will be quite a challenge.

So, with all of that going on, how has my day been going so far? Well, not bad – I do feel like I have accomplished a lot this morning, but this afternoon I have been more or less not advancing on my to-do list, and I have to pick up the slack now and get a few projects written up and finished.

This morning I went on a trip to get my middle daughter to her activity, and then went to have my blood drawn for a few tests – that was a good accomplishment. Now the kids are back home, I have already discussed with my kids their school results so far, and we have started working on doing some improvements to get those grades up.

What is the next step? Now I am going to actually take a few moments to myself before I continue on with my blogging tasks. A lot of people think that being a stay at home mother means that the woman gets manicures every day, and goes for a run every day while the kids are at school, and I don’t know about others, but in our house this is not necessarily a daily activity. Today though, as the stress is so high for me, I feel that I need to take a bit of time for myself.

The days when I am particularly stressed means that my skin starts to lose its color and healthy appearance as well. Maybe because I get dehydrated when I am anxious, maybe it is just something that I am going through due to growing old.

That means that on the days that I am stressed I need to pull a few tricks out of my sleeve to make myself looking better, and improve the appearance of my skin substantially – I do not like to show how stressed out I am, to the contrary, I want to try to improve the way I look through working on the physical manifestations of my stress while I am working through the issues that are worrying me and making me anxious.

Derma Roller System

One of the ways to impact the way the skin looks and feels is using one of the new products called a derma roller. The derma roller that I have been using now is by Dermarollersystem. It is a way to treat the skin and be sure that the skin is renewing properly, and that skin’s own collagen and elastin are produced, replenishing the skin and providing that healthy glow.

Derma rollers are so easy to use – no need to have to go to a salon for a specialized treatment. All of the treatment points and steps are explained well to ensure that all of them are taken correctly and the results are achieved.

Derma Roller System

This set that I have received also included a special enriched collagen cream, and a collagen mask to try. It is recommended to use these in combination with a derma roller to stimulate elastin and collagen formation in the skin. It is always best to use the creams that are supplied by the same manufacturer as the derma roller itself, I believe, as this guarantees that the correct aids are involved to trigger the effect that is sought after. However, it is possible to use any other collagen mask or collagen cream that is available from a local pharmacy as well.

Derma Roller System

While using needles may seem like such an ordeal, it can actually help relax the body, especially in knowing that the skin is receiving the proper treatment to stay youthful, and healthy despite any other issues going on.

With derma rollers, just like with any other similar devices, it is important to follow the instructions provided, and ensure that the device is properly disinfected after use. While this may seem like a big procedure, once it has been repeated a couple of times, the process becomes your second nature, and it won’t seem like such a long time.

Derma Roller System

Today I am glad that I got a few minutes in the day to just relax, and think about the next steps, and take care of myself. As I have written before on the blog, I find it is on the busiest days that I am actually able to find the most Relax and Me time to be able to actually get through the day, and feel like I have accomplished a lot, but also haven’t actually worked myself down to the end of the road. As my skin is my most sensitive area, it always shows my levels of tiredness, and I need to make sure that I am giving it enough nourishment to recover from all the abuse that is gets from the lack of sleep and stress. What a great way to use a derma roller system to help me fight the wrinkles, and achieve the smooth skin without doing expensive salon treatments. This derma roller system can also be used for cellulite treatment, hair loss treatment and hair restoration, scar and stretch mark removal.

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