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This week is another busy week in my household. I am manning the household by myself as my husband is on a business trip, and I have to make every step of the day effectively to reach my daily goals.

There are just so many activities we need to do every week, and as my husband usually helps me a lot with them, and now he is gone for a bit, I am doing the double duty. My kids are all going to different schools, different activities, and as we are already planning activities for the next week, and the end of this week with school work and little things we need to do, the logistics of all of this is not a simple matter at all. Add to this 3 year old’s tantrums at night because of the Daylight Savings time switch, the need to organize the house a bit, and prepare for the next garage sale in a few weeks, the taxes that need to be done – and I have got myself a perfect storm of tasks. The only way I can get the job done is keeping on task, and getting everything organized, one at a time.

On the days and weeks like this one I have to have my plan going, and be ready for any type of an emergency as well, if that were to happen, and they do. Just this weekend we spent figuring out an ear ache situation. Right now, literally, the whole house is hanging in there on me, and while I am juggling all of my hats and little ideas that I am working on, I have to make sure that I stay strong and healthy.

I am generally healthy now as I stay home most of the time, and do not tend to mingle too much, so I don’t pick up colds like I used to – and that is good, as I also keep my toddler cold-free. One most important component of my overall health regimen, as always, is making sure I take my daily dose of vitamins.

I start my day with a cup of coffee, a few scrambled eggs with cheese, or some fruits I have on hand, and then I always remember to take my vitamins to make sure that I am ready for the day.

nature made vitamins

Helping me to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle are Nature Made® Vitamins – I take Multi adult gummies which are so delicious the brand actually has a taste guarantee – Love Them or They Are Free. The flavors are to die for – orange, cherry and mixed berry – there is a reason this brand of vitamins is #1 Pharmacist Recommended – it shows in the care taken with adding natural fruit flavors, and making these vitamins such a treat to have.

nature made vitamins

nature made vitamins

nature made vitamins

The beauty of the vitamins is that even though my day might be full of running errands, having fast, rushed meals, and not always able to eat well (why is it that at every kids’ activity or party the only thing that is always served is pizza?), I can rely on Nature Made® Adult Gummies Multi Vitamins to give me the key nutrients for daily nutritional support.†

We grew up on the saying, “An apple a day…”, you know how it goes. But how many apples, bowls of spinach, almonds and anchovies can one really eat in a day to say that the daily vitamin intake has been checked off? While I probably eat more fruits and vegetables than an average person, and I most likely will not develop scurvy in my lifetime, on most days I still sigh, and regret that I haven’t had a proper nutritious meal every time I ate food. I do love hacks in everything I do, but whoever came up with a hack that tomato ketchup is actually a vegetable serving is seriously off point.

So, even though this week has just started, I can say that I have a good plan going, and I am hoping that unless something extraordinary happens, I will be able to get through it without a major hiccup. I have all of the planning figured out, and I feel that I am going to be backed up by the energy that I get from my good food and vitamins to continue, and keep moving forward – everything depends on me this week. Nature Made® Vitamins provide that additional level of assurance that with my exercising, healthy lifestyle, and being a busy Mom, I can still be confident that I am doing what it takes for myself to stay healthy.

What is your daily motivation to move forward? What helps you achieve what you have planned out for the week? How are you able to juggle what is on your plate? Share with us in the comments to inspire us, and give us new ideas on how we can improve our routines, and get through what we have going on.

There is an exciting promotion going on now on Facebook where Nature Made® Vitamins is partnering with Women’s and Men’s Health so that you and your friends can win weekly prizes that motivate you to stay healthy. There are so many different motivational ideas that can help improve your lifestyle if you read what others have been doing, and I have been picking up – it is never a bad thing to dance to help with your mood, and what to do with sleep issues due to Daylight Savings time changes.

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