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The first days of spring are here, and I have got lots of planning to do. My middle daughter is starting Middle School next year, and going to be doing advanced standing classes, and I am picking courses for her to do over the summer. One of the courses she is going to be taking is a Caddell Prep online course in Common Core Algebra. Let me tell you a little bit about my daughter and why.

My daughter has been in this advanced program in Elementary School for a while now, and she is simply continuing her stream. She has been ahead of standard expectations in all subjects, and is doing quite well in the program as well, especially in her writing and science classes. Math is lagging just a bit behind, and her homeroom teacher has recommended to take a bit more care with Math next year once she starts her Middle School. Tutoring might be a good option, and some extra time might be needed to ensure that she is still doing well.

If you have been reading this blog for a while now, you probably know that I am a penny-pinching kind of a person. I know that tutoring and one-on-one classes are probably the best option as you get that undivided attention, and really concentrate on what needs to be learned and mastered. However, this option is quite expensive, and also can become a burden time-wise having to set up constant appointments to see the tutor, and schedule those in. This is not my selfish me talking, this is the reality – when you have 3 children, and you want all of them have extra-curricular activities and fun things to do in their free time, shuttling each and every one to different places and paying separate professionals might just be a little more than I can handle right now.

Then why go this route in 2017? Today we have a great option of studying at our own pace, without a huge monetary or time investment, learning on the go if we like, studying exactly what needs to be studied, watching videos quickly, or stopping on what is not very clear before moving on to the next topic. This is why I think taking a Caddell Online Math Prep course is our best course of action for our daughter – so many advantages, and no doubts about it.

I have looked through the course, and I think it is really a great Math study collection – lots of videos that are not so long as to bore you, but just focusing on what is covered in tests, and what the gist of each problem is, without going in circles. The courses offered are perfect for anyone who wants to review the material before tests, challenge the knowledge and understanding of topics through tests and assignments, or learn the topic needed.

Caddell Math Prep course

There are also a great number of high school and college admissions exam prep courses available on Caddell Prep site – all for a mere $9 per month for all available courses including SAT, SHSAT, TACHS, Regents and more. Imagine the savings if you have a few kids that you could put to work on their Math without a tutor!

Online Math Prep courses at Caddell Prep put students through a number of proven strategies that have been tested by many students who have already taken the courses before, and that are used by an actual tutoring service – if we lived in NY, we would consider their in-person tutoring service as I love their approach to Math teaching, but we don’t need in-person when we can get all the test prep and review courses done from home for a low and affordable price.

When there are so many content creators online right now, it is still important to find the course that fits your budget, and that has been produced by a trustworthy source – this school has been created by Glyn Caddell who has been tutoring since 2006, and now has made his methods available online for anyone to use, promoting Math knowledge, and making Math education accessible online for anyone looking to improve and enrich their understanding – what a noble cause, and so helpful for our young students!

Caddell Online Test Prep Course

So, our plan for the coming summer is set – our daughter will be working on her Math using Caddell Prep online course, and hopefully won’t need any extra help once she starts the new year in her new Middle School – she will be prepped for success, and ready to ace her program!

Are you planning any courses for your children to take now? Check out Caddell Prep courses, and you’ll see for yourself how encouraging it will be for your student to get that assurance and reinforcement of knowledge that they can apply and succeed in their Math tests. Why be bored the whole summer, and then struggle with Math when you can study at your own pace, and get ready. Let me know in comments if you have ever tried any other online courses for you or for your kids, what you have studied and if it was useful for you. Have you ever tried Caddell Prep tests and video classes?

I love how detailed this course is, but at the same time it does not bore students, and goes deep enough into the subject topics to help understand them. I know I can explain Math to my daughter, and guide her through, but sometimes it takes me a long time to figure out what exactly she is studying, and explain in the right language that she would understand. I find it is easy to leave it to professionals, and have that confidence that my daughter is grasping the material, learning exactly what she needs to succeed with Common Core Math material, and prepare for standardized testing. If you are looking for a Math course for homeschooling your middle school or high school student this may be the most affordable help tool you can find – everything is online, no need to purchase expensive textbooks, and look for additional testing apps. Try it, let me know what you think!


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