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If your kid loves Minecraft, then wait until you tell them that they can play on the big screen! My kids have done this last year, and it was an absolute hoot! They loved it! They got their T-shirts, and we actually went for 4 weekends with them to play – it was quite an experience! They played with other kids similar age, and go to see Minecraft in an actual movie theater! I am glad there are these activities available for kids these days – they don’t have to be stuck at home by themselves playing in front of the screen while they can be in a more interactive environment, and meet other players, and compete! Way to develop their competitiveness! I may sign them up this year as well again! This is going to be exciting, I am already looking forward to this activity! I know my kids will as well.


Super League Gaming, the world’s first in-theater recreational gaming league, let your kids take their love of gaming from your home computer to your local theatre. Starting on April 29, kids 17 years and younger can play Minecraft for four consecutive Saturdays in Super League’s City Champs.


Each $60 Ticket includes:


  • Official Club Jersey
  • Admission to City Champs Season 1 (3 events total)
  • 90 minutes of gameplay per event
  • Access to seven unique Game Modes and exclusive Heroes
  • Chance to qualify for the Grand Final with your team, a fourth event at no additional cost
  • Free admission for all parents
  • Unlimited high fives

April 29th – May 20th

10:15AM (90 minutes of gaming)
For tickets visit: SUPERLEAGUE.COM

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