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I often notice that fellow bloggers showcase what they use daily for their skincare, and today I wanted to show what I use as well. I am actually a Brand Ambassador for an amazing company called Goddess Garden – have you heard about them? I use a lot of their products to help me battle the sun and deal with the sun effects on my skin.

Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden

Our winters and cold seasons are not particularly sunny here in North-West, especially this year, as the sun is just now starting to lurk out from the skies once in a while. I am gearing up for the summer season though because when the sun does get out here, we certainly spend a lot of time outdoors. We have a nice backyard as well as the front yard where our kids play and frolic while we enjoy a sip of a cold drink, or just chill in the pool.

All this summer activity never goes unnoticed for our skin, and I am just so happy to work with a company that understands that we have to protect our skin using the most natural products that we have available for us.

I have first learned about Goddess Garden at a ShiftCon conference I have been to in NoLa last year, and I was amazed at the quality of these products. This company creates a wide range of skincare and sun repair products that can help us cool off from the sun, nourish our skin with vitamins, and create that screen that will protect the skin from sun exposure.

My skin is becoming more and more reactive again now as I grow older. In my youth my skin has been plagued by acne, and then it kind of stopped breaking out a lot for a while, only to come back again now that I am getting older. Add to that seasonal skin irritations, dry skin, a few wrinkles, and you get yourself a full package of wonders – what do I do with my face, I never know.

I do try to use natural and organic products for my skin, as much as I can. Goddess Garden products contain organic ingredients so I can be sure that I am using the best products available for my skin.

Natural products

I am starting to feel the aging, and I do try to postpone this process with products, and yet I know that one of the biggest culprits is actually the sun. I feel like when I spend less time in the sun, my skin looks and feels better. I know we are all used to thinking that tanned skin is beautiful, but it is so important to watch the sun exposure, and protect the skin with the first rays of sun. Here are a few facts:

An Australian study followed 903 adults under the age of 55 for 4 ½ years. Part of the group had strict daily sunscreen requirements and the other part had no sunscreen restrictions at all. After 4 ½ years, the sunscreen wearers showed a dramatic decrease in skin aging. Check out this article –  Push the Pause Button on Skin AgingA study led by Philippe Humbert, MD, head of the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital of Besançon, showed chronic exposure to UVA radiation accelerated the aging of skin five to seven years.

Have you started using the sunscreen this year yet? Do you use it every day throughout the year? Check out Goddess Garden products if you are looking for sunscreen containing products – I love the firming primer and pre-sunscreen serum I am using. The serum has this amazing scent – I could us this as a perfume – it reminds me of essential oils. Love the sunscreen as I know it does its job, and makes me feel confident that my skin is protected properly.

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