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Some time ago I did a post about our crib – we got special crib pads for the sides of the crib, and now it is time to put the crib into a toddler bed for our little one, and we have decided to change the mattress for her as well. The mattress that she has been using so far is old now, and feels quite dated – the same mattress her sisters have been using, and it is time to retire it now.

Newton Baby mattress

We got to test out a new mattress by Newton Baby for our toddler, and such a new and interesting mattress it is – this mattress is as modern as it gets. The way this mattress is modernized is through its breathable, washable and recyclable fill.

I have been so impressed with this new mattress, and I think that our toddler sleeps better on it – less turning and tossing, and less waking up in the middle of the night. This might be because the new mattress helps to regulate my daughter’s body temperature.

Newton Baby mattress

I love this mattress as it has so many advantages compared to some other products we have considered – it has no feathers inside, so no allergens. The cover protects the mattress well from spills, so this prevents bacteria growth. The mattress is so breathable that it prevents overheating. The cover is so soft, and very easily removable and washable.

This mattress has been certified for low chemical emissions according to Greenguard Gold Standard. The reason is simple – because there is no foam or latex inside, there are also no harmful chemicals or allergens.

Newton Baby mattress

When you open up the cover, and look inside the mattress, you see special patented Wovenaire core that looks and feels like it is actually made on a 3D printer – super futuristic looking, very springy and at the same time soft like one of the best mattresses are.

I love that our toddler has enjoyed this change, and has better sleep. These children grow so quickly, and each step of their growth is full of excitement, and wonder. We, as parents, love to provide them with the best possible living solutions so they can rest peacefully, and we ourselves don’t have to worry about any harm that they may be subject to from using regular household objects.

I remember when we were buying mattresses for our own beds quite a while ago, we were lectured about spills, and possible damage to the mattress and how that would not be covered by a warranty on the mattress. Nobody would conceivably think about opening up a regular mattress for cleaning, so once the bacteria enters the insides of the mattress, it becomes trapped inside, and can grow into a source of mold easily. With this mattress, it is permitted to wash it, and that is actually advised. This prevents bacteria growth, and ensures that my little one is not being subject to all sorts of yucky stuff while sleeping.

When you are looking for a mattress to use, what sort of criteria do you usually use to identify the brands or types of mattresses that you would prefer? Let me know in the comments, let’s discuss and learn from each other!

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