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Every start of the school year now, and then every few months after we start looking for new headphones and earbuds. We do go through quite a few with our children as they tend to lose theirs or break them. I myself struggle with earbuds because they keep falling out, and then hanging off my clothes if they get caught in my buttons, and they always look so strange. I can never pull a cool look with earbuds. Not until now.

There is a new campaign set up on Kickstarter requesting support for Rozebuds Earbuds that are a new fashionable alternative to the regular earbuds available in stores now – these ones can double down as great looking accessory as they look just like a modern necklace. I know that with these earbuds I will never look weird or uncool again – all Bingo news in my books!

Rosebuds Earbuds

One of the problems with typical headphones for me is that they always get super tangled up, and then I can never figure out how to use them again. Rozebuds can be worn outside as a necklace, and then be used as earbuds when time comes to listen to some music or other audio.

I can’t believe these earbuds also have a function of autopausing. Maybe I am super old-fashioned with the technology that I usually end up using, but I always have to physically stop the audio by pressing on my phone, and then also have to take off my earbuds separately when I need to stop the sounds. Rozebuds allow to stop the audio if they are connected back together in a circle-shaped necklace.

Rosebuds Earbuds

Also love the function of the ability to respond to phone calls right through these Rozebuds earbuds.

Rosebuds Earbuds 2

If you are looking for a pair of earbuds, or some for your children, there is no need to compromise. Soon this product will be manufactured, and hit the stores, and you could be the first one getting these, if you decide to invest in this product, and get it to production.

Here are a few more features for you to check out:

Rosebuds Earbuds 3

There is a Rozebuds Earbuds Kickstarter campaign started to let them get to the point of getting the necessary tools, and setting up the production of these beautiful products. This campaign has already been fully funded, and that happened within the first 24 hours of the start of the campaign. Now they are still hoping to raise more funds to be able to keep the momentum going, and to tell everyone about this amazing product that really doesn’t have any similar options available. By supporting this company you can lock in a pair of these new earbuds that will be delivered to you in December. With this early support, you could essentially pre-purchase the product for almost half price compared with the suggested retail rate if you get several sets. Check them out!

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