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OK, so today’s topic is a bachelorette party! Have you had one? I wish I did! Nowadays it is so easy to find bachelorette, party and bridal shower ideas, and wedding ideas I almost feel like I have to do a do-over with my girl pals.

When I was getting married it all just went in a flash. I think I was just too busy to organize anything, I was working at the time, and studying, it was a busy time! I know today I could throw a party just like that, there are so many different inexpensive products available that are great for a simple and fun party!

Bachelorette Tattoos by PartyFuFu

So, what is your kind of a bachelorette party? Are you trying to get together with your girl pals, and just celebrate the final days of independent living? I know you would want to be happy, and naughty, and a little bit cheeky! Understandable!

Bachelorette Tattoos by PartyFuFu

The issue, I guess, is how to do this on a budget. If you are trying to have a good time, and you are just not into taking your girlfriends to Vegas or Atlantic City, why not celebrate in style by getting very affordable gear at

You can pick and choose your party gear, and I think the best way to start your celebration is by getting a cool stylish tattoo that will add a lot of bling because it’s gold, and that will certainly tell the world that it’s party time!

Bachelorette Tattoos by PartyFuFu

You can get these tattoos for $7.99 on website, and the link is going to be in the description section for this video.

Are you looking for neat bachelorette party and bridal shower ideas? Be sure to check out bridal tattoo sets from PartyFuFu.

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