This morning, like every morning, I am starting with my email box. Maybe I am addicted to emails, I don’t know.

And the first step that I go through is filtering through all of the unwanted messages – someone reaching out with an unpaid promotional request.

Lately I have been getting less of marketers stuff but more of political type messages that request for me to be very vocal about local or world sensitive issues – sensitive to everybody, and this blog is just not about that. With all of the negativity out there, I cannot and do not want to make this blog another negativity platform for trolls and evil people – this is just not what I do here.

However, today’s message that I got made me think. There is an ongoing refugee crisis in South Sudan due to a war, and World Refugee Council calls for more international response. Here is an excerpt from the press release,

“For the past year, an average of 40,000 South Sudanese refugees have entered Uganda every month, 86 percent of whom are women and children. Other refugees from South Sudan have crossed into Sudan, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya.

Uganda is now the largest refugee-hosting state in Africa with around 1.2 million refugees, 900,000 of whom are from South Sudan.”

40000 people displaced every month, no joke. This is a true humanitarian crisis… This really hit home, maybe because I used to be a refugee at a point in my life.

beautiful Rwanda

If you follow me on social media, you probably notice I read and share a lot of blogs on my channels, and have recently seen some posts showing how beautiful Rwanda is, how peaceful. I can see myself and my mind resting and relaxing looking over their green hills from way up high. The beauty of the country is breathtaking.

Yet another event comes to mind – the events in Rwanda that led to a movie I have seen that I will never forget. This was a very powerful movie. I don’t remember all of the details, but the message was simple – the international community should not leave people in crisis alone. Some singular, isolated people may be in difficulties, have lost members of their families, their livelihood, property and what sustains them, others may be more fortunate, and find shelter and are able to escape. The seriousness of the situation for everyone in a refugee crisis is frightening and troublesome, and should be a concern for everyone.

We live on this beautiful planet that we have to protect and cherish. We should also protect each other, and lend a helping hand for those communities and people in need.

We should not let people face adversities just because they are not part of our family. This is what globalization for me is about. It is not about isolation and holding on to your own stuff and cultural symbols. This is about understanding and feeling the pain of others, and really showing empathy and respect – the worst is to leave the struggling to their own means.

I just wanted to write this post today because I find a lot of events that we are witnessing today in the world are separating us, and breaking us apart. We are the same human race, we have to start realizing our mission. The mission is not about personal survival and growing personal fortunes. The mission is about not letting people slide off the boat into misfortune. If that happens, everyone should lend a helping hand.

peace and love symbol made from origami

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