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Love exotic spices? Want to try spices NOT available at the local supermarket?

With Herbly — get unique, locally-harvested herbs shipped direct to you EVERY MONTH. That means you can look forward to herbs like pineapple sage, chocolate mint, Russian tarragon and so much more.

But that’s not all, every herb comes with information cards and recipes — so you’ll know how to cook with them. Act now and get your first month for just $1.

Stop Eating Grocery Quality Herbs Filled With Nasty Pesticides Fresh Ones Are Here!

Each month, you’ll receive fresh herbs from our comprehensive culinary herb selection, along with herb-info cards and recipes. The herbs you receive are harvested from local U.S. farms within 1 day of delivery to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.

Use the recipes inspired by the fresh herbs you receive to create healthy, aromatic, and flavorful dishes your family will love. The herbs and recipes you receive go hand-in-hand. The herbs enhance the flavor of the recipes while the hand-picked recipes highlight the aroma and flavor of the herbs.

You can even customize your monthly shipments from your Herbly dashboard or let us curate fresh herbs and recipes for you.


Selection: You can choose 3 fresh herbs from our selection of common & exotic herbs.

Fresh: Herbs picked from U.S. farms within 1 day of being shipped to you.

Learn: Every shipment comes with herb-info cards & recipes.

Shipping: Always free shipping. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Price: You can add-on extra herb containers for only $2 each.

This post may contain affiliate links.

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