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Kick mat by Neat Parents

Today I want to show a car protector that we have got by the company called Neat Parents – This is a reversible kick mat to protect the front seat from kids kicking it. Just last week we went to a farm and the car would have looked like such a mess without this mat. Imagine the snow, and the mud, and these days kids just don’t listen! We always struggle with telling our kids not to kick the front seats, but they do it anyways.

You need to protect your front seat from all of the mud and the debris that ends up on your kids shoes, and they will always just keep kicking the seat, and you will end up having to need to spend a lot of money on another interior car wash every time. At least our kids are like this. This mat is a real helper!
Now cleaning the car is easy, and this mat is so useful, and you can’t even see it in the car, really, because it has a dark side that we use for our seats, or if you have lighter seats you can use the white side.
This kick mat is easy to install in your car – you slip it on the head rest of the front seat that you need to protect and it stays on! The mat has special pockets for books, coloring books or sticker books that is indispensable for longer trips. Now the crayons will stay in a pocket, no worries!
This is truly a premium quality kick mat – love that it is reversible, which really means it can be used for many, many generations of kids – once one side becomes too messy, turn the mat over, and you get a completely new product essentially.
Here is a video that I have just posted showcasing this kick mat seat protector.

Hope you get to use this mat and see how useful it is to protect your car! Enjoy!


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