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A few weeks ago I received a beautiful care package from Goddess Garden, and it has everything we need to have a beautiful long weekend!

I have quite a few things planned for this weekend, and sounds like my husband will be able to take a few days off – a much needed break for him – and so we are going to have some bonding family time! All the kids are at home now as it is the summertime, and we are trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as the weather and the busyness level permits, and trying to make the most of these next few day!

I think what we have got planned so far is a few picnics – I will soon be updating on what we do, what we make, and how it all comes together – watch out for some cool ideas and recipes coming up! I already have quite a few ideas lined up for us to enjoy this weekend, and can’t wait to share soon, but for now just want to show what we got from Goddess Garden!

I have heard so much about chia seeds, but I don’t use them as much yet – still getting to know what they are exactly. Now we can try them through Mamma Chia vitality bars – they are organic and perfect for our three hungry kids and their snack time this summer!

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We have also got Mamma Chia granola clusters. My kids love eating these for breakfast in the morning!

As I love dark chocolate and cocoa so much, I am looking forward to trying some organic coconut cookies by Emmy’s Organics as well – this is such a treat! I don’t normally buy these in stores just because organic products are often so expensive, but now I get to try these superfood bites finally, and I can’t wait to have a cup of tea with these!

We also got two essential oils – palmarosa essential oil and lavender essential oil by Goddess Garden. I am looking forward to trying a few homemade preparations with these oils!

Goddess Garden also sent us two packs of Mamma Chia vitality snacks – I think these are going straight to our picnic supplies for the kids – they will make for a perfect snack on the go!

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Finally we also got Goddess Garden Organics mineral lip balms in three flavors – orange vanilla, raspberry, and lavender mint. Goddess Garden makes a great line of sunscreens that we are using exclusively this summer, as we love how well they are protecting our skin! Our toddler loves playing outdoors, but she is not burning up because of all of the sunscreen that we lather every day, and now I can say she is getting the right amount of sun protection that she needs. Now with these lip balms available, we can also protect the lips from the sun. I find that so often we forget that lips also get exposed to the sun, and not only do they get chapped if they are not regularly moistened, they can also suffer from too much sun exposure, and this lip balm by Goddess Garden will definitely protect them.

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I am so happy to be Goddess Garden Brand Ambassador and help spread the word about these outstanding products! Sometimes products sound good but are not necessarily helpful, but in this case I have tried the products and can say for a fact that they work perfectly on the skin, and can keep the skin perfectly protected. If you are evaluating sunscreen brands thinking about what to stock up for this summer, for your sunny vacation trip, or just to have on hand at home, I would recommend trying Goddess Garden sunscreen products. If you still not sure, try to win in a giveaway for a set of sunscreen products on my blog here – Goddess Garden Sunscreen Giveaway. Also, read about what types of products by Goddess Garden we use in my post about what I put in my bag for sunny weather.

I hope you are enjoying this summer – it is in full swing, and I cannot believe it is finally warm and actually sunny here! I am glad I don’t have to worry about the constant rain, or worry now that I fear about too much sun exposure. How is your summer going? Anything interesting planned for the 4th? Let me know in comments! Can’t wait to hear what you have planned so far!

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