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Wanted to share a story today about our recent experience with purchasing a car. We have owned a Nissan Leaf that we got this past summer, and it was a great car to have. However, my husband had a small accident with it, and ended up totalling the car, and we had to look for a new one. This has been a whirlwind of an experience with getting a ding on our credit, having a bad loan due to a car crash, totalling the car, and then the insurance company just having to write off the loan as they did not want to fix the car. We have not had the best experience getting settled with the previous car that we have owned, and ended up not being too happy going back to the same dealership to get a new car.

I think now I wish I had known about this siteĀ which allows you to buy, sell or trade your car. We do have a new car that we got after the crash, but it would have been better had I known about this site – and now I would love to recommend it for you to check out if you are in the market for a new car now, or would like to trade your car.

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To be honest, I struggle with cars. I also don’t really always feel comfortable just going to a local dealership to get a car. I need to do my research before I go to check out what is available. I need to have an idea about the pricing, because I find, with all due respect to professional car dealers, I always feel like I suffer because of the lack of knowledge in the car business, how things are done, and what is sold for what out there. It is so important to do your homework before you start looking for a car of your dreams – you need to know the approximate specifications that you are looking for, and what the prices are for all of the features that you need before going in and looking at cars.

What is the point? You can always negotiate! If you know what the prices generally are, and what the availability of cars is for different models, you should be able to negotiate a better price for yourself when purchasing, instead of just paying whatever is on the price tag. This can save you so much money!

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This website allows you to do a search for the model you need in your area to see what is available, and what you can possibly get and afford for your price range. You can also get a service and repair quote straight from this site, and also read up on the latest car related news, see price comparison charts, news from auto shows, and check out over 2000 video reviews of different cars if you are not sure what model to pick out. This site is really great to help you do your homework, understand whatever there is to know about your favorite car models that you may be considering purchasing, and choose the right business to buy from – there are reviews of businesses available as well!

I think for our next purchase we will definitely be considering cars from this website first because there are so many tools available here to learn from, and to make the right choice. No need to rush, or just buy something random – with this availability of information nowadays there is really no excuse to getting tricked into buying a lemon – all of the tools for researching the right car are available at – just find a few minutes to educate yourself and pick your dream car that you can get from a dealership nearby!


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