Getting ready for our picnic celebration – How to Clean up Your House in 3 Easy Steps

We are getting our house ready today for a big celebration – most likely we will be having a picnic outside on our picnic table, but we may have some guests coming over, so we went on a cleaning spree today – I am so lucky I have my own little cleaning squad available now during summer holidays to help me out!

If you are busy with the same task, and actually want to go and relax at the beach instead of cleaning all day – don’t you worry! I have got a simple plan on how to clean up your house in 3 easy steps – it is not as bad as it seems, really. Here is the plan! Hope you enjoy it, and if you follow it, you won’t need to spend the whole day scrubbing, I promise!

3 easy steps to clean up your house

First step – identify the areas that need to be cleaned

Identify problem areas, figure out which rooms need the most work, which rooms can be closed from guests and relatives, then follow my plan of cleaning that I specifies in my post for spring cleaning I published a few weeks ago. There is a cleaning printable available there that will lead you through the steps that need to be done to get your rooms to a good and clean state. So again, this first step is about identifying what needs to be done to get the house cleaned for the occasion – you only need to tackle the problem areas that will be visited by high traffic of guests. Don’t worry too much about every other nook and cranny but be sure to place your patio, downstairs bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room on the list.

Second step – make sure that you have all of your cleaning supplies!

Right now we are mostly working on cleaning the surfaces everywhere – in the bathrooms, out on the patio, and in the kitchen. I think the best way to clean those is to get a good reliable spray cleaner, and a whole lot of paper towels to help scrub off, wipe off, and get rid of all of the stuck on dirt, spills, and mess. You know the mess I am talking about – the grease in the kitchen, the bathroom mildew, the toothpaste off the bathroom sinks – I have a whole house of busy teens who create a lot of mess, and I need a lot of reliable products that I know will back me up, and allow me to clean everything up quickly and efficiently.

I have been using Clorox and Viva towels this week, and I love those two products combined for my cleaning needs – they really do the job well! We have picked up these two products at Walmart a few days ago.


Clorox and Viva

Today we have been working mostly on the bathrooms, and the patio. We have started cleaning up our grill, and that made such a huge mess on the picnic table, and I know that we are having a great big celebration just in a few days, so we needed to get the table cleaned up. I could not believe how well the table cleaned up! Having good supplies is everything in your cleaning – you don’t want to spend the whole day scrubbing.

I love how much towel footage there is in every Viva roll! When we buy cheaper brands on paper towel, with every cleaning we go through a lot of towels, but these towels are actually lasting for quite a bit, so you only need one-two rolls to get your cleaning done. There is 40% more Viva per roll!

The Clorox spray has bleach in its formulation, so I know I can really trust to have 99.9% of germs killed on surfaces, and I know that my white surfaces will be white again! A lot of stains simply disappeared after we have used this spray – an incredible result!

Visit your local Walmart and pick up your own Clean Squad of Viva paper towels and Clorox cleaning spray!

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Third Step – delegate the responsibilities

If you are not alone in the house, be sure to give your roommates, family members and friends a few tasks of cleaning. You can’t do everything alone. Delegate rooms and areas to different children, and be specific as to what needs to be done, and how much time is available for cleaning. You know that cleaning can possibly be taking every minute and second of your day – there will never be quite enough cleaning done and finished, there is always more to do, and more to improve. Try to go based on the time you have available, and don’t aim for complete perfection – you only have so much time on this Earth to clean. Don’t stress too much, believe me, most likely your friends who are coming to visit have a lot more mess in their house which is why they are coming to your house and are not inviting you to come to theirs – as long as you do your best, and achieve an acceptable level of cleanliness, serve everyone plates and napkins, and don’t make guests eat the food off the floor, trust me, you are fine! If your cleaning crew does a good job, be sure to reward them with early treats!




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