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I am still trying to find my way with essential oils. I have received a few oils before for a review, and now rather than trying to use just one scent of oils, I have been experimenting with oil blends to learn how to make them, use them, and enjoy them with my new Sterline Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser – it’s a beautiful silent essential oil device that can help you enjoy any blend you make.

There are so many blends that can be made, and so many ways to enjoy essential oils – what is your most favorite blend? Do you prefer buying blends already pre-made by your favorite essential oil producer, or do you make your own blends at home and enjoy the versatility of getting 100% pure essential oils of all types?

How to Blend Essential Oils

How To Blend Essential Oils?

I am still learning about essential oils, and as I have a very personal creative sense I like to practice my own scents and combinations. I find that with scents and blends in the air when I use my essential oil diffuser, there isn’t necessarily a rhyme or reason for me at the moment – I like to blend oils just as I desire, I don’t necessarily use a specific measurement table, or specific recipes with exact drop requirement.

Like I explain in the video, I don’t worry too much if I put between 1 to 4 drops of each oil into my blend with the water. Definitely for a lighter scent it is best not to overdo the number of drops, and even 1 drop of essential oils goes a long way. Putting too many drops, if you are not used to essential oils, will not lead to a very pleasant scent for you as the scent will be too strong.

Generally I recommend to stay within 10 drops total for the total amount of drops if you are want to make a stronger scent, and probably within 4-6 drops total for your custom made regular strength scent.

Once you have decided on the strength of the scent, the next best point is to decide on your scent combination.

How to Combine Different Essential Oils

I would recommend using a list that I have found for experimenting with your combinations. There are many reasons for this.

One reason for me is that I don’t always have all of the possible oils that are out there, and as these oils are quite pricey, I like to work with the oils that I already have. So, sometimes I find a nice calming essential oil recipe blend but I cannot make it because I do not have that one oil that is part of the recipe. Instead of going out there and spending another $20+ dollars on a tiny vial, I think about the scents that make sense to combine, and try my own blend that is somewhat possibly similar to the one recipe idea that I have found, or if not similar, then I just get by with the scents that I already have.

As long as I am following the combination chart, I feel I am good to go – there is no need to seek the exact one oil that I am missing.

Here is a combination chart that I have found on Pinterest – it explains what combinations can be made by blending the base notes, the middle notes and the top notes of essential oils. If you are making a perfume type blend, a salve or a health care type remedy product you may want to find a more precise formula for the scent percentages that you want to use in your blend. If you are trying to come up with a commercial style product using blends you may want to research the subject a little further as well, and be very precise with your combinations, but for my purposes of simply relaxing at home with a homemade essential oils blend I am good with somewhat precise measurements of the number of drops.

essential oils blending chart, how to blend essential oils

I think if you follow these directions, you can come up with probably an endless number of recipes depending on your taste, without having to follow exact measurements that someone developed before – try experimenting and let me know in your comments if you have any specific preferred combinations that you like to use as well!

What Do You Need When You Have Developed Your Favorite Essential Oils Blend?

There are so many different uses for oils, and some of my favorites are discovering natural ways to deal with small ailments, or discomfort. Essential oils are great for improving mood, and clearing your mind, getting you ready for the day, or helping you relax after a busy day – such an easy way to wake up your senses, and no need to use medicines and chemicals when you don’t have to if you can find an essential oil product or recipe to help with your issue.

One of the best ways to use essential oils for me is in a diffuser form. I can make my essential oils blend, add a few drops to water, turn on a diffuser, set the timer on it, and I know the air in my house will be improved immediately. I find candles do the job as well, but so much easier, and actually cheaper to use a diffuser to add a scent to your room and improve the air quality to fix your mood! All you need is a few essential oils for your recipes, and a diffuser is inexpensive.

Sterline aromatherapy diffuser

I hope you can test out my latest diffuser – I have been using a Sterline Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, and even made a video the other day to show exactly how to use it. This diffuser is available here –

Sterline aromatherapy diffuser

This diffuser has a capability of doubling down as a device with LED changing lights, so not only will your air be improved with the essential oil blend scent, but also the lights will help to improve the mood and brighten up the whole room!

Sterline aromatherapy diffuser

This particular diffuser has an easy to use timer that you can set up for 2, 4, or 6 hours for diffusing time. The aroma can also be set for low or high settings depending on the strength that you prefer to use.

Sterline aromatherapy diffuser

Whenever you are using essential oils, be sure to read about them, and be careful how you are using them. You should never let the oils touch your skin directly if the oil is undiluted.

Sterline aromatherapy diffuser

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