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We are always looking for the newest toys and things to do with the children – these days they get easily bored, and everyone’s attention span is so short, we can no longer sustain ourselves doing simple coloring activities to kill our time waiting in restaurants or while someone else is chauffeuring you in the car. Kids these days need something new and improved, more of an upgrade for a regular old crayon. We have upgraded this week for a Coco Color stylus pen that works like magic, and helps your kids color their screen-based coloring books in a vibrant modern style coloring activity.

Coco coloring pen

Coco Color Stylus Pen Functions

This pen is supplied with two games where it can be used, and once we got the pen, we have downloaded those two games right away on our Ipad. I didn’t even know you could do this with a simple stylus! This stylus is equipped with a plethora of buttons – on one side the buttons help to choose the right color for the activity, and on the other side they help to pick the right type of a stroke, where you can choose between a pen, pencil, pastel or paint types. By pressing the appropriate buttons it is possible to change the size and the type of the stroke, and then also the colors. In total, there are 768 stroke color, style and size combinations!

The beauty of this pen is that even my little toddler can easily use it – you don’t need an instruction booklet (although it is supplied with the pen just in case!). This pen is functioning once you remove a safety tab off the battery – while the batteries are supplied, you need to first open up the battery compartment in the pen, and remove the tab for the stylus to start actually working! This is the first and the most important step that a parent should perform. Once this step is complete, a toddler can easily figure out what to do next and how to operate the pen. These kids have a great knack for technology these days, and this Coco Color is certainly made very intuitively.

2 Free Apps to Use with Coco Color Stylus Pen

The software that works with this pen is very futuristic and whimsical! The characters in the two coloring programs take you on a voyage to different scenes that are a lot of fun to color! One of the best features of the software is how easy it is to stay within the lines of an area you are trying to color – this in itself is an important concept for children to grasp, and I think this program helps children to get a hang of what it is they are actually trying to achieve when learning how to color things.

Coco coloring pen

My toddler is not in pre-school yet, so she was just having fun drawing cute shapes and faces when we gave her this stylus to play with. She was so cute! Are you looking for new activities to do with your child that are artistic and more interactive? Then this pen is for you – check it out here –

Coco coloring pen

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