I have owned my Twitter account since probably 2009, and actually started using it a lot only a couple of years ago, and most of the messages that I get on Twitter now are either from Nigerians who are all pretending to be orthopedic Army surgeons and are attempting to strike a conversation, or from marketers who are trying to sell their “exclusive” products.

A couple of days ago I received an uncharacteristic message on Twitter when a parent has been asking for a cot for their daughter. The little girl reminded me of my own toddler, and I thought to myself how hard it must be to be living with a special needs child, and instead of wishing for expensive traveling trips, birthday parties, or large toys, as a mother all you want for your child is for her to have a bed to sleep in. This is a difficult situation – you know that your child needs a bed for her condition, and yet you cannot afford it, and are forced to approach strangers online to ask to help you.

There are so many stories about people struggling with health conditions, and asking friends for help dealing with bills, and this is not a new story in particular. This one really hits home for me as I have a similarly aged child, and I sympathize with the parents that are struggling. I would love to help this family with their task on hand, please, join me in the support – here is their Twitter page –¬†https://twitter.com/Sophie_story2

Sophie's story

Here is a little more about their fundraising campaign –¬†https://www.gofundme.com/helpmakealittlegirlsdreams-co-uk

The little girl’s name is Sophie, and she was born with a rare genetic condition that makes her extra mobile, and due to the fact that she has an NG tube she has to stay in bed most of her day, and the bed has to accommodate her needs, and not allow her to climb out of it easily.

Can you imagine your child at that toddler age having to spend most of the day in bed that she has to be in, but being able to climb out of any regular bed, wanting to run around? I remember cots like that from hospitals that we have stayed at with our children when they were little, but here you need to help a family get a bed like that for their own home to provide their toddler with the safety that she needs. This is not about getting someone a fancy birthday present, this is about helping a family with getting their sick child comfortable.

Obviously, I don’t know whether this family is real or not, I have never met them, and I don’t have any proof that they are actual people, not computer bots trying to con people for money. There is no way to say whether this is a real family, and I have certainly heard about scams on the Internet – a lot, that’s what I have started my story with. However, this particular one seems pretty real to me – they are publishing updated pictures of the little girl on their Twitter account, and seems like this is a real family that is in need of help. I hope this cause is something that you might be interested in supporting – wishing all the best for Sophie and her family – this is a tough journey, and the least we can do now is support them when we are asked!

If you are touched by this story just as much as I was, share Sophie’s story and this fundraising campaign, and do what you can in order for more people to hear about it, and try to help this family! Let me know in your comments if you have a recent cause that you have supported or are looking for support in – we’ll check it out!


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