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We are living right now in 2017, and it is so interesting to be living in the age when everything is constantly changing – we are trying to grasp the sense of the latest trends, and what is happening, and I find most people are barely able to keep up. Turn the time clock back, and when we were growing up, it was much easier to keep the grasp of the pop culture, to know “what’s in”, whereas now, as we grow older, we can only hope that our children can continue holding on to the reality and the times, while our generation is slowly starting to be more and more out of touch.

I have got an amazing set of incense sticks, and they reminded me of so much in our lives, the past times that are going to be hard to return. My husband was the one who showed me what incense sticks were for the first time, and this set I got immediately returned me back to the time when my husband was younger, we lived in a different, yet close by city, and his living accommodations were pretty much an epitome of minimalism.

I feel like rivers and rivers of time have passed by since then. Maybe when I was growing up my family also had a set of incense sticks that we owned, yet they were mostly kept in a drawer, and made everything in that drawer smelling mysterious and curious to me. I would often open up that drawer to be amazed by the scents, and by what those sticks were exactly, and I never knew. My grandmother never actually used them, just held on to them like of the most priceless possessions – it is hard to explain or understand now exactly why, maybe because those were a gift, and weren’t actually sold in stores openly where I lived at the time, so my grandmother wanted to hold on to those that she had, and only used them to scent her drawer contents. I think as a little girl I may have broken a few of them by accident while playing with the drawer contents. I have always been enchanted by those sticks, but never knew what they are for. I grew up without the power of the Internet.

Even though I know how to use these now, before writing this post, I wanted to educate myself a bit more about everything related to incense sticks, and so I did a search online.

What I have found amazed me – turns out there is actually a phenomenon of Pokemon Go Incense, where to find it, and Pokemon Go incense are actually rare items that possess some special powers that allow to catch Pokemons more easily – who would have thought? Is it me who is out of touch with reality – forever, and hopelessly now, or is the world has just gone a little bit out of whack?

We are now taking concepts that we already have, and giving them a new meaning that is only understandable to us, and that only the new generations can handle – definitely not my problem how to get incense in pokemon go, and how to solve the problem of pokemon go incense not working – how did we get here anyways?

With all of the Pokemon Go craze which I am sure will pass soon (but not before we get to actually try Pokemon Go frap as they were out of this cool stuff at Starbucks yesterday), incense sticks are items from our long gone past, nearby past, and present time as well, yet we don’t consider this item that “in” right now, and that is a mistake, I believe.

Are you into ASMR stuff? If you are, why not light up an incense stick, relax, and simply enjoy the sounds, and meditate?

Meditation state is not easily achieved, and I find it hard to be able to plunge into mindfulness where I am not burdened with simple everyday worries and thoughts, so I value anything that can put me in a more relaxed mood to meditate and detach my thoughts from that constant anxiety of reality.

I find that for me the scent is important – it relaxes my mind. I think that if you are able to relax and practice mindfulness when you are just watching ASMR videos or burning lights, maybe unscented incense sticks are fine to use, but for me, best incense sticks are the ones that can provide some relaxing scents.

Best Smelling Incense Sticks

This incense sticks set of 140 that I have got by Chakras is great that way – it has 7 different sets of 20 incense sticks in the set, so there are 7 different scent options available here: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara. This set also comes with a simple incense sticks holder – perfect if you use incense sticks by burning them. If you are looking for the best smelling incense sticks, you have found your go-to set!

Incense sticks with an incense sticks holder

There are so many great things I can say about incense sticks – it is really an ancient type of craft, but nowadays it is possible to make incense sticks at home as well. A lot of people realize nowadays as well that incense sticks are not just mysterious, but that they also have health benefits, and can improve mood, relieve anxiety or depression, and help with improving creativity and focus.

So many times I notice people are looking for a quick solution for their problems, looking for that easy drug to take that will help them work through their issues, fears and inability to concentrate. Often times, we see that there are so many people out there who resort to illegal drugs or recreational drugs searching for solutions, and that is sad and odd. Knowing how many ways there are that mindfulness and mediation can help with and provide that necessary relief, it is odd to know that people continue resorting to drastic drugs with all of those side effects and scary consequences that they bring. Why not try meditation with incense sticks to help with daily worries and depression? The set that of incense sticks that I got from Chakras is quite inexpensive, and is an excellent starter kit that includes so many different scents – each incense stick will cost just a few cents, how can you go wrong here? Why not try yoga exercises while burning an incense stick?

Incense sticks with an incense sticks holder

One little obstacle to using these incense sticks I feel is maybe not knowing how to use them. Here is how we can explain this.

How to Burn Incense Sticks

Well, a great thing about the incense sticks and how to use them is that this particular set comes with an incense sticks holder that helps to properly burn incense sticks. And then it is as simple as that, all you need to do is place the incense stick in the little hole in the holder, with the clear woody end, and then light up the other treated end for it to start burning. Then incense sticks work much like a candle – the incense on the sticks starts burning, and while you won’t be able to see a lot of flame, you will hear the sound, and will certainly sense the scent of incense burning.

Now, I am hoping that I have managed to explain how to burn incense sticks, and I would like to explain next where to find them

Incense sticks with an incense sticks holder

Where Can I Buy Incense Sticks, Where to Buy Incense Sticks Near Me

An awesome way of buying items today is simply getting incense sticks online. Online Amazon market today solves all of the problems of having to find where to buy incense sticks. I know it may be charming to go to a small local store, listening to some relaxing music, and physically shop and pick the items for relaxation this way, but we can do shopping now from the comfort of our home, and we can often get great deals while physical boutique store prices rarely change. Online stores don’t have to store products in an expensive physical storefront location, and are able to buy in bigger quantities for lower price, therefore are always transferring the rate savings to consumers, and allow us to get the best rates. When searching for where to buy incense sticks, I recommend searching for the term BUY INCENSE STICKS ONLINE rather than looking for where to buy incense sticks near me. I personally do recommend the set that I got to test out by Chakras – check it out!


Now that you know how to burn incense sticks, and where to buy best incense sticks, the next point that I wanted to discuss is talking a little bit more about the history of incense sticks, and other ways how to use incense sticks.

How to Use Incense Sticks

While an incense sticks holder is used for burning incense sticks, there is also a way to use incense sticks through indirect burning. When using indirect burning, the incense sticks themselves are not set on fire, but the incense scent is released while the incense stick is simply placed near another burning heat source, and melts away releasing its scent in the air.

Incense sticks are also said to be used as a bug repellent. I have never used them this way, but now that I have so many in this set, I am sure we will end up using some this summer when we stay outside in the evening and all of the bugs are out scouting humans to bug, literally.

History of Incense Sticks

The scent of incense reminds me of essential oils, and also of the old-fashioned and mysterious Oriental culture. When I smell it, it seems I hear the sound of sitar. I think about the plenitude of spices, and about the history that is behind the origins of incense sticks. Just like spices used to be extremely valuable in the past, incense was also an expensive commodity that used to be in great trade demand. Similarly to the Silk Road, there were Incense Trading roads and routes, with merchants hauling those materials and awaiting high profits. People still use those scents and old world materials, and a lot of useful benefits are still being attributed to incense just like it was in the past: incense sticks health benefits are well-known.

Today we don’t have a lot of options available for us to bring us back in time and allow us to feel and soak in what our ancient ancestors have used and cherished, and considered to be their most prized possessions. The Biblical Magi brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to present to newborn Christ as the symbols of some of the most important treasures of the ancient world. Actually, both¬†frankincense and myrrh were components of a special holy incense that was used in ancient rituals. However, despite the fact that those two expensive items were presented to Christ, later on in Christianity they were associated with pagan worship, and fell out of habitual use in Europe, so the ancient trade routes were deserted. Incense started to be used more often in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and aromatherapy. In recent years more and more studies are attempting to find application of ancient herbs and substances like incense used in aromatherapy to treat common ailments that cannot be resolved using present day medical treatments, and that present challenges in the medical community. We are yet to see a universally approved modern day medical treatment that incorporates old fashioned techniques. As we watch technological advancements in medical research, we can still use incense sticks at home to help us relax, and allow our brain unwind, and find strength within us to fight with out ailments using the power of relaxation, rest, meditation to power up our bodies with the ability to relax and cope, first and foremost.

Best smelling incense sticks are not that hard to find – try a few scents, choose the best ones you like, and it is great to do with the set I reviewed because there are 7 different scent combinations there – you can definitely find your favorite!


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