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A few months ago we have finally bought a new fridge, and we went with the cheapest model that we could find. It is always very attractive for me to save money but more often than not I end up being a little upset with my choice knowing and believing that there is always something better available in the market. Also, technologies and availability change so much that what you think is great, affordable and awesome today will be largely outdated and overpriced tomorrow. It is important to always keep checking what you can get for your budget, and what is available out there today – the new functions and options that are in stores.

I simply could not believe what I saw when I checked out the new LG’s InstaView™ fridge! Check it out! You absolutely have to see what this fridge holds!

For me, one of the biggest problems – always! – is knowing what I actually have in my fridge! I do remember more or less my latest shopping trip, and what I ate yesterday, and if I still have those leftovers, but that is basically where my memory usually stops. I will not remember what we bought the previous shopping trip before, or what preserves I still have in the fridge. The result of that – a lot of wasted food that I don’t know I even have, and a lot of new cans of food that I then open because I think I don’t have any leftovers of that great sauce or condiment. I am sure you have been there as well!

Check out this LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door® refrigerator – it has tinted glass panels that allows you to see exactly what is in the fridge! So, now when you pass by your fridge as you are running around your kitchen, consciously or subconsciously you will notice and see what you have, and you will be easily able to plan your meals better, and waste less food! You don’t even need to open the door of the fridge!

LG InstaView Fridge

I love the look of the tinted panels! Everything in this LG InstaView fridge looks modern, and will work with your glass door cupboards so well! Have you seen any fridge that looks this great in the kitchen? These tinted windows are so stylish! The surface of the fridge is coated in such a way that your fingerprints, even if you touch the fridge a lot, will not be noticeable.

LG InstaView Fridge

A lot more features in this fridge, really hard to believe the extend of technology that is being used, this is simply amazing!

  • You don’t really need to open the door. There is additional lighting that allows you to see exactly what is in the fridge
  • You can sort your products as per your liking, and place the products that you like to use the most in the front of the fridge, easily available using door-in-door feature
  • This fridge is equipped with a special ColdSaver™ Panel  that allows you to preserve the freshness by saving more cold air in the fridge
  • The energy efficiency of this fridge is outstanding – the glass door allows you to know what is inside the fridge, and reduces the time that you have to keep the fridge door open, therefore improving the energy efficiency

I know that when I was looking for a great new fridge this model was not available, and that is too bad. I am usually mostly satisfied if there is enough space in the fridge and it has cold water availability. This fridge definitely has that, and so much more! There is a lot of storage space in the fridge that would definitely be enough for my family and then some. It would help me stay more organized! Now I already have two fridges at home, as well as a deep freezer, so I am not in the market for a new fridge right at this time, but hope you can take advantage of this great model – they have a variety of different options from this brand that can serve all your fridge needs – check out this offer from LG here to learn more about the models they have got!


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