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My daughters are definitely way more into exercising than I can ever be, so when we received these new fitness foot sliders, I immediately gave these to them to practice with.

My older daughter enjoys using them the most – she has come up with a neat exercise routine where she uses these exercise sliders.

Core Sliders workout

I find it kind of neat to be able to use core sliders and incorporate them into a routine – adds for a change up in the exercise routine, and makes it less boring and tedious to do when you get to use some cool equipment like these gym sliders.

So, in a nutshell, how do you use elite core sliders? I was impressed to see these products available now because there have always been so many exercises out there that I haven’t been able to do well because I never had these kinds of exercise foot sliders available in the past. Now they are sold not just by themselves, but core sliders workout exercise list actually comes available with these, at least it was supplied in this set of Resonance Fitness Core Sliders that we got for a review. Here is where to get them –

Not only is the product of Resonance Fitness Core Sliders an excellent product, the fact that it comes with a collection of foot sliders exercises makes it that much easier to use, and prepares you and helps you in putting together your fitness workout.

Core Sliders workout

Last time I have been to the gym, it was such a frustrating experience! I had a one-on-one consultation with a trainer, and she explained to me what I needed to work on specifically, and what exercise machines I needed to use. Then she jotted some little scribbles on a piece of paper with columns, and set me on my way as our appointment was over. There was no way I would ever be able to remember what machines I needed to use, how to use them, in what order, and exactly how many times – this was a total disaster. No wonder this was the last time I went to the gym! What a difference with these sliders for exercise – the whole core sliders workout has already been supplied. Everything is explained as to what to do with exercise sliders – there is really no way to get confused – there are pictures supplied, as well as a good description for each foot sliders exercise.

Core Sliders workout

I am hardly a fitness specialist, but I can say that a collection of foot gliders exercises is what gets me sold on a product like this – I don’t need to hire a special personal trainer, I don’t need to have any specialized knowledge or training. I don’t want to spend hours researching what to do with these foot sliders that everyone is talking about, I just want to open the box, and figure out within a few minutes what to do with these, and this particular set does just that – foot sliders exercise instructions can help any complete beginner self-starter who does not want to spend a fortune on exercising, but would like to have a cost-effective, time saving solution that can do the job!

Are you a beginner like me? Let me explain for starters, at least a little bit, what these gym sliders are all about. If you are looking for a way to be able to stretch your muscles, and work out with low impact, without over-straining yourself, you should definitely look into sliders fitness. The beauty of these gym sliders is that you can use them for strengthening different areas – abs, legs, arms, and core.

Core Sliders workout

Why would you want to get core sliders exercise equipment? These core sliders are so light, and portable – you can take them anywhere in your gym back, you won’t even notice they are there, they are so light!

As we are really not professional workout gurus with my children at all, we have spent some time figuring out how exactly to use these core sliders. There are two distinguishably different surfaces on these gym sliders – one surface is made of plastic and should be used primarily on carpet, while the other surface which is more like fabric should be used on wood, and other hard floors. You can mix and match to see what works best for you and your purposes.

Are you still wondering and looking for an idea for the best foot gliders exercise? The truth is, your new gliders will work with your favorite strength training or crossfit combination workouts, you can integrate them into your routine perfectly! You will probably notice how much easier it is to get through your routine of exercises, and you won’t need to worry about stretching yourself too much.

In our case, by the looks of how much my daughter likes working out with these cool foot sliders discs, I feel like she is eventually going to finish those discs up. In that case I may have to use manufacturer’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty to get her a new set.

are a great way to work out your abs with very low impact. A variety of workouts are included in the packaging that will help strengthen arms, legs, and core. Our sliding discs are great to use along with other strength training and CrossFit work outs. Because there is low impact when using our gliding discs, you can work out hard without worrying about hurting yourself. – Our Lifetime Replacement Warranty assures that you are covered in case your core sliders break.

Are you looking for a slider workout? What do you think about elite core sliders by Resonance Fitness? Are you into sliders fitness? What type of results have you got, or are looking to get through using these sliders for exercise?

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