Today has been a true summertime day for us! Make no mistake though, we are in full prep mode for the fall season! Here where we live the school doesn’t start for a few more weeks, so we are not rushing to anything yet, but we want to make sure we are getting what is needed that we don’t have to panic in the middle of the month all of a sudden! The best place for us for our school supply shopping is, here is where we can find all of the necessities, as well as stock up on snacks, pantry supplies, and things that we are out of, all in one trip!

The reason for shopping at for school supplies is mainly that we can find everything that we need at Every Day Low Prices. My children like the kind of supplies that they carry – those pencil holders, backpacks that we find there are all the rage with my kids. We also pick up regular standard supplies like Elmer’s glue, pink erasers, pencils – they are always available and easy to find! Besides that, Walmart is able to stay in tune with the time – whatever they sell is affordable, yet trendy, and my kids are happy to wear it, use it, get it – they are actually really looking forward to their school supply shopping this year, like every year!

With shopping, you can’t go wrong. You know you have got the best price, but besides that there is friendly service, great hours – it is open 24/7, and you can pick and choose at your convenience. You don’t have to rush, you can take your time ordering and choosing what you want and like.

Nowadays our trips to actual stores are quite rare, to be honest. Most of the shopping that we do is done online, and I am so happy with the online shopping options that Walmart provides on their site – no matter how complex the schools make those supply lists, searching for the right item is easy with search algorithm – even when the product to get is not specified exactly, it is easy to find just by typing the information about it that you have, and you don’t need to call a shopping attendant to help you out either – search provides you with the best possible available options. Then you can get your products of choice either delivered, or if you don’t mind you can even pick them up from your local Walmart store – sometimes this can also let you save a couple of dollars, and the computer algorithm with give you the options you can choose from.

Walmart Back-to-School shopping

We have done most of our shopping this year at I just have a few more items to pick up in the store as my kids like to pick and choose some of their supplies, but most of it has already arrived by mail – YEY! I am excited to start filling in my kids bags with what they have got, and here are some of the photos we have taken of the kids sporting their haul!

Walmart Back-to-School shopping

I was able to buy over half of school supplies with Every Day Low Prices! I loved being able to get several of the same products quickly, allowing me to take advantage of savings, and being able to get most of what we need in one online trip!

Walmart Back-to-School shopping

I love how there are lots of rollbacks available for purchases, and you can see your savings right away when you shop! It is easy to spot the pricing that has been reduced, those are the best available rates! I also love the re-ordering function. Now that I have done an order online, I can place more orders re-ordering the specific items that I have recently bought. This is so simple now to do, and so fast, say for items like toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex tissues, shampoo, diapers, coffee, cooking oil, or cleaning supplies – these are items that you buy all the time, it is great to be able to re-order them quickly. Think about the time savings of you having to otherwise go to the actual store, roam the store looking for what you need versus getting the same things delivered in just a few clicks time!

I am sure you are in the middle of your back-to-school prep right now as well, just like we are. Sometimes I get comments on my blog and social channels that there are no stores around where my readers live that carry this or that product. Hope you can visit as no matter where you live around the country, they will be able to deliver to your location as your supplies are simply mailed to you. When I shopped, I did not even have to pay shipping due to my order amount, so this is a great way to save money on gas, save time on your driving trip to the store – I think online shopping is the way to go right now in 2017, hope you can take advantage of what has to offer – you really can find all that you need for school supplies!

Check out what Back-to-School page has to offer! What is on your school supply shopping list this year?

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