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Carpet at businesses is out. Businesses are moving in droves to switch out the carpeted stylings of the 70s and 80s with hardwood floors or tile. In addition, many offices are home-based, where hardwood floors have been more common than carpet for decades. For this reason, one of the most popular items office chair owners and businesses buy is a new set of wheels… for the chair. Wheels made with polyurethane rubber roll smoothly on hardwood floors and do not leave marks. Older-style nylon wheels, standard with most new chairs scratch hardwood and do not provide that ever-so-nice gliding feeling as you roll over to the printer to clear a jam.

Roller wheel for office chair

One of the reasons new wheels are so popular is that they are ridiculously easy to install, with your bare hands! You can simply pull out the old nylon wheels with little-to-no effort and insert the new wheels. Another reason that new wheels are popular is that people love to upgrade their cars and homes, so why not the office chair, where you may spend 8 hours a day?

Roller wheel for office chair

We tested Rollerblade Office Chair Replacement Wheels from Office Addiction. Installing was a snap, requiring no tools. We simply pulled out the old nylon wheels, threw them in the trash, and inserted the new wheels. There were 5 wheels supplied, the standard number for an office chair. The wheels appear to be made of a high-quality premium polyurethane hard rubber, which glided smoothly on our maple hardwood floors. The wheels do not appear to mark up the floor and given the material, I am sure they won’t. These are a great upgrade for your office chair that anyone can install.

Are you wondering about these rollerblade wheels? Do you have some old ones on your chairs that could be upgraded? Look no further! Check the listing of these wheels on Amazon here to get them –

These wheels can glide, scoot and swivel! Here is what the company producer says about their wheels, “Offering enhanced 2.5″ wheel width for stability and a comfortable ride height, our heavy duty wheels offer superior load bearing for sitting, pushing a dolly, or even sliding around under a vehicle using a mechanics creeper.” We are very happy with our new caster wheels, and the upgraded desk chair definitely feels very comfortable!


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