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I have tried circle lenses before, have you? I have even written a whole post about them. Today I wanted to go over ideas for a cosplay tutorial featuring circle lenses.

The beauty of circle lenses is that the eyes become completely transformed, and your face becomes a lot more unreal, assumes almost a cartoonish character, in a good way, where the eyes are much larger than their natural size, which is typical in anime and cartoons.

Naturally, due to this particular amazing feature, circle lenses are actually quite popular for cosplay costume creation. In fact, eyes are so important on a human’s face, that having eyes that are visually enlarged immediately transforms you, and helps you get that magical glow and appearance like you have stepped out of an animated film.

All you have to do after getting a look like that with special circle lenses is get your hair done according to the character you are trying to look like, wear colorful stunning costume, and you are set. There is really not much to it, the eyes are the centerpoint of your image.

What you also need to know is that if you can style your hair yourself, or wear a wig, sew your costume yourself, or put it together based on items you already have, with your eye makeup though you won’t be completely ready to transform your personality into a cosplay character until you actually wear these circle lenses as this is the only way you can change the shape of your iris, change the color of your eyes, and look stunning.

You have to see what I mean with these pictures below, the characters are truly amazing! Here is where you can buy circle lenses online –

Here is a little tutorial how to wear circle lenses:

How to wear circle lenses

1. Place the lens on your index finger.
2. Using the middle finger of your other hand, pull your lower eyelid down.
3. Use your middle finger of the opposite hand to pull your upper eyelid up.
4. Move the lens towards your eye calmly and place the lens in your eye with the bottom of the lens
touching the eye before the top part of the lens.
5. Blink your eyes to adjust the lens.
Now I wanted to showcase some sample looks that you can get.

Cosplay Looks Gallery

Quick question! Left or right? 🤔 Left: Hana Violet right: Milk lilac/Premier Violet #ohmykitty4u #violetcontacts #contacts #circlelenses

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Are you ready to transform yourself into one of these pretty characters?

Why do I look like a scared kitten tho.. 💭

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What is your favorite character transformation? Have you ever tried wearing a cosplay costume? I would love to some day, this is such an interesting culture where you can transform yourself into any character you like, and it works amazingly when you try it. Check out those circle lenses from and try your favorites for a complete cosplay look.


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