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Just as we are recovering from hurricane Harvey, and bracing for Irma impact on many people’s lives, we have to start thinking that there are changes to the environment that are happening, and we need to be doing something about that. There is a product that is seeking funds right now on Indiegogo that has potential of helping us stand up to the challenge. “Be the Transformer – Take Action Now”, check out OBRIST C-Transformer on Indiegogo –

We may not be environmental scientists or researchers but we have all studied basic information about how the world operates, and know that there are massive amounts of CO2 produced by living things and manufacturing on our planet – simply the result of our modern living. Our trees are our big help in this process where CO2 gets modified by the process of photosynthesis. This is really the very basic scientific foundation that any primary school student knows. However, even though we as humans are so advanced in our knowledge and development, we are still arguing whether there is human impact on what is happening to our planet, and what exactly we are all supposed to be doing about all of this.

Well, there is one solution – this new OBRIST C-Transformer which is a machine that is set to solve the problem of the mankind struggling to manage CO2 emissions. This machine can help us take control over what is happening, and solve the problem. This machine is a result of work of an environmentalist, a mathematician, experts in emission control and other scientists from the US and Austria.

I think this is the time to act. If we continue discussions, sitting at round tables, and weighing whether we have global warming or not, and what effects it brings about, we will be wasting our time. I believe that the time to sit and wait, figure out things is long gone. There is a problem, and we have to start tackling it with solutions.

If an expert comes to me, and tells me there is a way to solve this, I am definitely listening. I may not be able to understand the engineering concept behind this, but the only way we can give an idea like that a chance is standing by it, and trusting the specialists to do their work.

Love this quote by this company, “A machine that will help nature do what nature does best. Just a little bit faster. Actually, a lot faster.”
Here is an awesome video that gives a bit more details about this ground-breaking technology. “Inspired by none other than Mother Nature.”

So, what is there to do for us? We need to support this group. With the political climate the way it is right now, we don’t know when the solution is going to be coming, if at all. We have to take this upon ourselves to help support the campaign funding for OBRIST C-Transformer –

What I love about this fund-raising campaign is that it is not only supporting vital research necessary for our advancement, but is actually working on producing an effective and thoughtful solution to our issue of excess of CO2 in the atmosphere. This solution already has scientific foundation, and the technology that can support this scientific foundation already exists, now it can be simply developed and put to use to resolve the problem. This is a very practical project that has a goal of solving our most vital problem – how we can protect our human race and our habitat of Earth from destruction.

You can support this project the best way you know – any small donation will go a long way, you can donate as little as a dollar to this project. If you cannot donate, share this post about OBRIST C-Transformer, share the campaign link with your friends, support this project by spreading the word out.

Here is the website of OBRIST C-Transformer –

Let me know in your comments whether you believe in global warming, and if you do, how you are contributing to helping our planet. Give us your tips so we can all try to reduce our consumption, and environmental impact. Share this post with your friends! Here is an official hashtag: #ctransformer

Now using the words of the founders of this initiative, I also think that this is “Possibly the greatest crowdfunding endeavor ever to help save the world and humankind.”


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