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We are in the process of renovating our kitchen a bit. The main reason for this is because our oven stopped working recently. We always try to repair any broken appliance we have, so we called in a repair man. Turned out the oven could not be repaired because the part that needed to be replaced was no longer produced by the maker and there were apparently no substitutes either. We had an option of calling in another repairman for a second opinion, but we opted for replacing the broken oven, and ended up also getting a new microwave to match the oven.

We were shopping for ovens for quite a while. We wanted to make sure we were getting a good deal, getting something that would elevate our somewhat old-fashioned kitchen with new and stunning finish.

GE kitchen, GE Black Stainless Kitchen, kitchen shell

We have found a set of appliances by GE that looked great for our needs. GE is a great brand that we always consider on the top of our list when we are shopping for new appliances for the kitchen. They have a number of premium finish options that allows to create that perfect look depending on what we like and want, and it is always great to have a choice of options, like Black Stainless Finish as an example. It is nice to be able to modify the kitchen in the style that is both contemporary and great looking, a style that we like, and not having to settle for something that is old-fashioned and boring.

Black Stainless Finish is definitely not something that you will forget in a minute after seeing it. I think it has been purposefully made to look stunning and to stand out. Black Stainless High Gloss Finish means having a bold black tone in your kitchen, while at the same time maintaining that metal stainless steel look. It is not a common finish, and looks very original. Just like wearing something dark helps hide some stains, Black Stainless Finish allows to hide fingerprints or smudges, and at the same time is so easy to clean with simple wiping it. This bold black color helps to modernize the kitchen into a place everyone in the family will love to hang out, helping prepare meals, and enjoying the new sophisticated atmosphere.

What type of finish and brand of appliances do you prefer, and are usually looking for when you are shopping? Are you doing any renovations this spring – share your tips and advice in the comments!


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