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With spring we are now oriented on cleaning just so much more. In our house we are working on cleaning up the garage, and getting rid of as much stuff we don’t need as we can. It is necessary because the house is super cluttered, and so is my brain because of it. Due to so much clutter I cannot clean anything properly, and the house is full of dust mites as well. Not good.

All of the allergies are on the rise in the family, and it seems like everyone is sneezing most of the day. I am not sure if it is some scents that we are using in the house, or those dust mites that are making the allergies flare up, or some flowers that are starting to bloom outside – now the idea is to clean up the house not just of clutter but also of any smells and scents that may be allergy-causing.

I find that essential oils for my family definitely do the trick. The scents of essential oils are always calming, and not causing us to having sneezing fits. I am so glad that my favorite company Goddess Garden is coming out with new products that are essential oil roll-on perfumes. I don’t need to worry now about what cosmetic companies have put into their perfume elixirs that is bothering my nostrils every time I use a perfume.

Spring Clean Your Fragrance Routine

Most of the time with perfumes we have no real idea what is going on with the ingredients. There is no transparency in the perfume industry. Due to the fact that every perfume is a secret formula, we as consumers are not permitted to discover the actual ingredients that make up each scent, and what exact formulas of the ingredients the companies are using. Companies have 3,100 mystery chemicals they can use to scent products, plus additional additives. These mystery chemicals may include synthetic scent chemicals that are only marked as “fragrance” on the package.

We rarely really start thinking about what we inhale, and that some of these components in all of those nice-smelling products we like to use may be causing hormone disruptions and allergies. I have been using a lot of scented soap at home this past season, and now cannot get rid of a horrible rash on my hands that has been most likely caused by the chemicals in the soap. It is the same for every perfumed product in the market now. Some of the chemicals used include additives like phthalates, petrochemicals and oxybenzone—and none of it has to be disclosed, so companies don’t disclose this, and we as consumers suffer.

For my family the choice is obvious – there needs to be more accountability for companies to have to disclose what ingredients are being used so that we could make conscious decisions as to what we should and should not be using on our skin, what we should and should not be inhaling. An ingredient list is important not only on skin care products, but also on any perfume product, and companies should not be ashamed to list what they are using as the ingredients.

Goddess Garden Founder, Nova Covington, was inspired to start her company after her daughter had serious reactions to the synthetic chemicals in conventional bodycare products. Because label reading was such a necessity for them, transparency has been Goddess Garden’s standard practice. However, when it comes to fragrance, everyone—including the most avid label readers—are still in the dark. Even among natural products, labels often list only ‘a blend of natural and essential oils.’ This is simply not enough information if you have allergies, sensitivities or if you prefer clean ingredients or animal-friendly options.

Here is some homework for you, my readers. Please, look through your routine products that you are using that are scented and identify what products you may need to get rid of this season. Sometimes fragrances are hard to spot, but if the product is heavily scented, it probably contains fragrance in it.

Spring Clean Your Fragrance Routine

If you might be interested in trying out new Goddess Garden Essential Oil Roll-on Perfumes, check out their line of products that includes 5 different scents – Citrus Sunrise, Lavender Sky, Rainforest, Wildflower and Amber Fire. My favorites are Rainforest, Wildflower and Citrus Sunrise. If you like essential oils, these scents are must haves to get! It is a great line of hypoallergenic perfume I highly recommend.

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