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Time for Planning Events with Basic Invite Announcements and Invitations

This month is a busy one for us as we have a birthday party to plan and execute, and then the birth of my next child is coming up soon as well, so we will be busy preparing for that event as well. On top of this my older daughters are finishing their school year, and we can’t miss those events either. Every year when the school ends, whether there is a graduation or not, you always want to have a party at the end of it, so we may be planning out invitations graduation party.

Time for Planning Events with Basic Invite Announcements and Invitations

This year I would recommend looking at what Basic Invite has to offer in regards to announcements, thank you cards, best graduation cards and invitations, here is why.

  • Love their almost unlimited colors. Every element on the website has over 180 different color options and combinations that can help create just the right style of the invitation you are looking for. Essentially the color options are unlimited. While it adds a little bit more time and effort to the customization part, it allows to create stationery that is really reflecting the mood and the idea of every unique customer taste and choice.
  • It is possible to order a printed sample of any invitation to see just what the invite will look like before printing out the whole batch. It makes it possible to check the quality of the paper used in the invite, and avoid the anxiety when the full order is getting processed and printed.
  • So many different envelope colors… 40 in fact! Sometimes when we are picking out invitations at a store, an envelope seems more like an afterthought than a part of the cute card. Basic invite provides great different color combinations for its envelopes as well, not just the cards themselves. Having a great colorful envelope allows the invite you are sending to stand out and not get lost in your friends’ mail and flyers. Remember that Seinfeld episode where George’s fiancee died from licking thousands of envelopes? Well, Basic Invite will not let you die as all the envelopes peel and seal so they can be quickly and securely closed!
  • Address capturing made perfect. It can create quite a lot of nervousness trying to organize all of the email friends and colleagues for events, not knowing their exact mailing addresses. Thankfully, Basic Invite has an address capturing feature where a link can be shared with contacts on social media and then once the address is input, it is stored in the customer’s account and can quickly be chosen when invitations are ready to be mailed out. There is no additional cost for using address on all Christmas card orders.
  • It is possible to customize orders with foil. This foil is available in three color combinations – gold, silver and rose gold, and there is also a flat or raised foil option on all Basic Invite’s foil designs. I think this option would be perfect for thank you cards for graduation gifts.

Time for Planning Events with Basic Invite Announcements and Invitations

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Basic Invite can be found on social media here. Be sure to check their accounts for any special announcements:





Time for Planning Events with Basic Invite Announcements and Invitations

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