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Every time we start our summer break for our kids, the first thing they want to do when the school is over is starting doing school supply shopping. We usually keep discussing it for a while, and then we decide on the store we go to, and get all of the essentials for the kids there.
I think this year we are going to be shopping at several stores. We need to update a few of our home laptops to get the kids starting school with good equipment. I have heard that one of the better machines in the market right now is an HP Envy x360 Laptop – that’s what I am going to be looking for at Best Buy.
An HP Envy x360 laptop runs on Windows 10 operating system. This is what my children are used to having Windows on their computers, and I know they will appreciate some of the new features in this operating system like the Edge Web browser that allows to markup web pages on the screen.
For schoolwork I think this laptop has a great feature of utilizing Windows Ink that allows to write down ideas and notes with ease. It is great that the screen of the laptop can be flipped and folded if needed, and can be easily used for presentations, projects, and audience functionality. The laptop screen is also full HD touch screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, and impressive color and clarity. It is great that it is possible to navigate on the screen with simple finger touching. There is IPS technology for wide viewing angles. To make the screen even more useful for hard-working students, it is equipped with energy-efficient WLED backlight.
I know my kids get pretty busy on their laptops opening a lot of programs and windows on their browsers. Sometimes it is inevitable to see their laptops crashing on them. I think this new laptop will be a better solution for their busy schoolwork as it has an 8GB system memory that is specifically perfect for multitasking. Not only it is possible to run several games, photo and video-editing software, but also keep working on those many browser tabs and any other programs they might need for their studying. High-bandwidth RAM allows this laptop to excel for busy computer users.
It is really impressive that HP Envy x360 laptops can essentially change into tablets due to their capabilities. This is such a neat idea to be able to write on a laptop screen with a stylus pen utilizing Windows Ink and Windows operating system. You really are essentially using a tablet as this laptop is so fast and thin, but have an amazing AMD processor that still gives them the power of a good hardworking laptop!
There is an offer available now to save $100 until 7/28 on HP Envy laptops – here are the links to check – (HP Envy 13in)  and (HP Envy 15in). Hope you take advantage of this offer!

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