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We don’t have a lot of allergies in our family, but the house could always use some refreshing due to all of the dust and mites that collect overtime and that can create a hazard for us, especially with a new baby at home. I am glad I was able to test out an IonPacific Ionbox air purifier –, and improve the environment at home.

I can safely say that now that I have tried using it, I am more than convinced that you don’t need a huge device that will bulk up your home to serve as an air purifier. Also, sometimes it is hard to tell that you are getting the best possible solution since there are so many brands and types of purifiers out there, and it may be confusing to know which one is truly the best for your situation.

I know that the size of a device makes a difference for us. It is hard to find enough space in the house for another large electric appliance. Ionbox is not a large device, so it won’t take up any space on your counter, wherever you decide to set it up.

Another advantage that I find works great for us is that this device does not have any ozone. It may not be the best idea to have an ozone based air purifier since those cannot really be used openly in a room with people, basically cannot be used in any residential space.

Ionbox is incredibly easy to use and does not require any filters, therefore it is simple to maintain. All you need to make it operate is plug it into a standard outlet.

The technology behind this device is quite simple to understand. It emits negative ions that then bind to odors and harmful particles in the house, and neutralize them. There are studies that the company conducted to ensure that the technology works well to help eliminate known allergens from the air, and improve home environment. Compared with many other brands, an Ionbox provides a better output –¬†up to 20 million negative ions per second.


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