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Just over a month ago we welcomed our new baby daughter into our family, and I have promised to write all about it. It has definitely been a journey so far and will continue to be for a few more months. Probably one of the more challenging journeys we have had to experience so far. I have been away from the blog for quite some time now, focusing on the tasks at hand at home to help with what needs to be done for our baby.

No two babies are born the same, this is true for our family as there have been challenges with every baby we have had, and they have always been different. Every sibling has their own birth and growing up story, and overcoming difficulties has been something we have been doing for most of them. This latest baby has been a lot of work, and we are hoping that all that she has had to endure so far will be resolved, and just make her that much stronger in the future.

As we have had to face a few medical challenges, we have also had to face the fact that we need to save more now that we have 4 children, and a challenging baby being one of them. When you are working through some of those medical problems, thinking about the money side of everything can be quite devastating.

Luckily each issue she is dealing with medically is not a permanent condition and should get resolved within the near future for her. We have been fortunate to be able to use our medical insurance for most of the expenses related to our baby’s needs, but there are still many household expenses that need to be considered and dealt with.

I have decided to come up with a list of ways to save for the future before and after you have a baby. If you are planning for a new baby coming soon, I hope you can find some ideas in this list that you can use in your daily life.  And please let me know in the comments if you have any additional advice on how to save before and after the baby is born, what can be modified in your lifestyle, and if you have tried any of the tips that I am listing.

Look into getting good medical insurance for your newborn.

If you are planning to travel, are between jobs or are thinking about moving to a new location, ensure that any medical needs for your newborn are met. It is important to have good pregnancy checkups and follow-ups but not every problem can be found before the baby is born.  And while hoping for the best is a good coping mechanism, you should always be prepared for the worst situation and try to deal with it to the best of your ability.  The best way to do that is ensuring that the newborn has health coverage that he/she needs. Inquire about the available plans through your job, or an insurance agency where you live, or are moving to, and be ready to get the coverage that your child needs. We haven’t had to worry about a lot of medical expenses despite all of the medical issues we had to deal with as we have a good medical insurance. This year we have been able to save the amounts equal to most people’s mortgage or school debt due to the fact that we have medical coverage, and we won’t be paying a whole lot more as we have already maxed out our family out of pocket expenses.

Save on baby’s needs by reusing what your other children had to wear and play with growing up.

Instead of throwing away some of the used equipment, mixed up toys and older style clothing from your other children, go through everything that you have on hand. Things can be washed and mended, anything broken can be fixed, and parts and pieces that have been lost you can try to find and put together again. We have gone through a lot of older toys and have been able to find parts of games we thought had been long lost. We have gone through and washed all of the clothing that our children wore when they were little – we haven’t thrown anything out, and it has been possible not to have to buy any additional clothing for the newborn so far, just through using what we already have – that’s quite a bargain!

Save money on home care and household help. 

After the first few days after our baby’s birth I was panicking and thinking I was going to need to hire a nanny in order to keep up with all of the new tasks that I need to fulfill caring for my baby and the rest of the household. I thought the only way to overcome the frustration with not being able to keep up would be hiring some help. I even created an ad online trying to recruit help but ended up not using it… despite the fact that our baby actually requires even more care time than was apparent at the beginning.  Fortunately, we have managed to find a groove to care for her without any outside help.

The way to manage is delegating and engaging help that you don’t need to pay for. If you have friends or relatives you can ask them for help if you need it, they will be happy to provide it when you ask. We have managed to engage our older children to contribute to the family more so far, and the tough first few weeks are almost over now.  We have settled into a routine, and there doesn’t seem to be a need in any outside assistance at the moment. We are able to manage without any paid care provider.

Make a set of things that need to be done daily and delegate tasks to different family members to get the job done. If you have a baby that needs regular medical interventions, learn if there is something you can do at home instead of always going to the doctor’s office. Don’t be intimidated by the tasks, try to settle in the routine, and it is guaranteed that you will be able to save money if you try and manage the tasks daily with everyone’s participation. So far, we have managed to avoid tens of thousands of spending associated with home care assistance, babysitting and house cleaning costs.

Saving on daily expenses for the baby

Some of the most important expenses for a new baby are food and diapers. This is where you need to focus to keep the costs down.

If you can, breastfeeding is best for baby and the least expensive option. Sometimes pumping expressed breastmilk is the only available option if your new baby is unable to breastfeed for whatever reason. Some Mommies return to work shortly after the birth, and so in order to provide adequate nutrition for the baby, the Mommy will have to continue pumping milk while at work. Most workplaces provide accommodations for lactating mothers; however it may be a very difficult journey to try to do to ensure your baby gets breastmilk. In my experience pumping breastmilk is a very tedious process, and it is hard to establish, as well as maintain. Many struggle with adequate supply or get discouraged by just how difficult it can be to have to pump milk, and also then find time to feed the baby, and deal with all of the washing of supplies as well. According to the CDC, “The percentage of babies who start out breastfeeding increased from 73% among babies born in 2004 to 83% among babies born in 2014.” However, not all of the mothers are able to continue breastfeeding for much longer than the first few months due to all of the difficulties. It is ok to start formula at any time if you have to, however, not having to purchase formula can mean significant savings over the first year of the baby’s life when breastmilk or formula are the only food apart from the solid food that the baby needs.

Saving on diapers is an important part of the overall savings strategy. So many brands are out there but we have been trying out Signature Care diapers and have noticed that while the quality is perfect for our baby’s skin, there are significant savings associated with this brand. Diapers have always been a big expense for our family as we have rarely used cloth diapers, and the brands that we would usually buy cost a fortune. Trying out Signature Care baby diapers has been a great experience, and I feel I can rely on these diapers, and can concentrate on my baby’s needs without having to worry about rashes or sogginess.

Have you ever tried this brand of diapers? If so, let me know in the comments if you like them.   And if you haven’t tried them yet, right now there is a deal available for Signature Care diapers.  After you fill out a form,  you will receive a free 5 count sample of Signature Care diapers and a $2 off coupon to use on any Signature Care diaper or Training Pant product!

As we have been transitioning from a Newborn sized diaper to Size 1 diapers I have noticed that the smaller size does not provide enough leakage protection any more, and we need to feel confident and to not have to worry about constant laundry. The diapers from Signature Care provide that assurance and I don’t need to worry about leaks for up to 12 hours. I love the wetness indicator that changes color from yellow to blue when it is time to change my baby – I don’t remember having this feature years ago with my older children and can’t believe how useful it is to know exactly when to change the baby. This feature is available in most of the more expensive diaper brands, but also in Signature Care brand, which is more affordable. Signature Care is all about quality and value.

My babies have always struggled with diaper rashes that they would get from some brands that we would try. I am happy to note that Signature Care diapers are very breathable and keep the baby dry and comfortable.

I have mentioned a few tips that we have been using so far to help us cope with the costs of having a baby, and these tips have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in total. Compared with the savings, our out of pocket costs to keep up with this baby are very minimal, considering the fact that the baby has so many health challenges. Please, comment on the post describing how you have managed to cope with the cost challenges of having a baby, and if you have tried any of the tips mentioned in this blog post!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Signature Care diapers.



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