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Toys have changed so much since we were kids, and are changing every year. Every time we are wondering about presents for our kids we have to look to see what new great toys are in the market. Figurines is one option to get for your children this gifting season. Safari Ltd has quite a few options available that are beautiful to see and gift as presents. We got to play with two of their figurines, and I would love to recommend you those toys for your own children.

I remember as a child wanting to play with toys like that, and I actually didn’t have that many for a true imaginative pretend playing. Certainly never had dragons to play with. Safari Ltd had incredible dragons that can unleash any child’s imagination.

One thing that we, parents, love seeing in our kids is interest in imaginative play. Seeing them playing for hours on end creating stories and scenarios with their dolls and little figures is great joy for us. When you add two dragons in their toys mix, you are bound to see them playing castles, knights and princess stories pretending a couch is a castle, or building up forts to protect their favorite doll from a mighty dragon.

Imaginary scenes and playing develops little children, pre-schoolers and primary school children the most. It is so important to allow them to have time for unstructured play with their toys, and you can only do so much playing with just the same few dolls. It is great to be able to provide the kids with colorful dragons that look like a whimsical portrayal of fairy tale dragons, not so scary, but also bigger in size that most of the figurines that children usually play with. I love the proportion of these dragons to all other toys that my daughters have – it is really perfect to create a larger creature effect for their playtime.

All creatures and dragons by Safari Ltd have been created with such amazing meticulousness, as well as reasonable realistic looking proportions and detail that it looks like these dragons just come to life from some intricate drawings or a video game. I have never seen any other toys quite like these dragons in their quality, beautiful artistic design and authenticity.

Your children can not only admire the artistic beauty of different animals but also learn about their typical features – all animals are made with care and are perfect for both imaginative and educational games.

How about playing with your children and pretending there is a Zoo that is opening in your house, or a circus where wonderful and magical animals are going to be doing their tricks. We also play animal hospital and animal school with my children so they can use lots of animal figurines as their characters. A great idea is to use very authentic looking toys that teach for your children like toys from Safari Ltd new 2019 collection.

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