Spending this weekend at home, enjoying our baby, and unwinding after a busy week. I have decided to take some baby photos using our new bamboo sheets as a great backdrop for our baby.

The baby is growing fast, and in this fast-paced time we rarely have a chance to slow down and marvel at how she has grown, and to celebrate her new milestones.

This year has been full of medical concerns, and busy days – there hasn’t been enough time to really slow down, and we are enjoying this time this week to get our pace back to normal just for a bit.

Linenly is sponsoring this photo op and giving us a chance to makeover our bedroom with a new set of sheets that are made 100% of organic bamboo. The quality of the sheets is really like nothing I have seen in a very long time.

I am so impressed with the sheets and how well they look for the photos, and amazed at the smoothness and silkiness that does not create a glare and odd silky flashy coating but rather shows off the luxuriousness of the material just so well, creating an unmatched feeling of high quality of modern comfort.

We have recently been exposed to using more organic bamboo and organic cotton as we have bought quite a few new outfits for the baby made of these materials, and this is a real pleasure to see that these materials are available and used now. This is not something you see daily in clothing, but when you do, and as these fabrics are mostly used for baby clothing and bed sheets, you can really enjoy the comfort of the softness that these fabrics provide.

Not only are these sheets pleasant to touch, they are also equipped with moisture control allowing microfibers to absorb moisture efficiently, are energy saving as less drying time is needed when cleaning them in cold water, and are naturally anti-bacterial.

Hope you can find a set of similar bamboo sheets to use for yourself, if you are in the shopping mode, you can find this set here – https://www.linenly.com.au/products/bamboo-sheet-set

The sheet set that we got includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillowcases, at 400 thread count. The comfort level is really outstanding, and I love the color of light grey. All of the colors of these sheets are pleasant, and I have a hard time picking my favorite. Which one is your favorite?

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