Try the World gourmet food box


I have just signed up for Try the World subscription box! I have been craving this box for a while now, as this box is so much me! You get shipped a box of a gourmet selection of international foods. Each box is themed depending on the city chosen for it. I will be receiving a Paris and a Marrakesh box. I love to try new foods, and it will be a total surprise as to the box’s contents, but it seems that this box is going to be very interesting, and educational for my family. I always try to teach my kids new cultures, languages, and foods, as you can expand your world knowledge a lot this way. I cannot wait to receive this Try the World box for my family, and I will make a special post about it!

Discover the world through food. Subscribe today and get $15 off your first box!

Try the World – Paris box


A few days ago I have received a new Try the World box themed Paris. I loved it! The deal was very good. I got two boxes for the price of one! This second box is great as it featured a lot of treats and great items that would cost quite a bit on their own in stores, and I was glad to get them in a bunch through this subscription. Right now they have a deal where you can purchase a box, and get $15 off your first box! I think it is a good deal as well, essentially you will get one box half price!


Try the World is a subscription that I liked, I highly recommend it! Here is what I got in my Paris box.


Truffettes de France. A box of delectable truffles! Very similar truffles cost $3.99 on Amazon.


Chocmod Truffettes de France Natural Truffles Dusted with Cocoa Powder, One 200-Gram 7 ounce Box – $3.99

Maison D’Armorine salted butter caramels – they came in a nice box, there were 5 of them in it! A large box of these costs $14.95 online, but it is not easy to find. I think a small box with these would cost $5 maybe at most, I wouldn’t pay more for just 5 candies!


Domaines Des Vignes whole grain mustard! I love this item! I use mustard a lot in my cooking – in sauces, and in potato salad. I find grain mustard works better than simple dijon mustard. The container with mustard is 7 oz. This mustard sells on Amazon in the packs of 6, but comes to $3.38 per container.

 Domaine des Vignes 52001 7 oz. Whole Grain Mustard, Pack of 6 – $3.38

Charles Antona Minna organic fig jam. I am looking forward to using this jam with some crackers and cheese – my favorite snack and hors d’oeuvre. The jam canister might be a bit small for my liking, I usually buy larger jam packs, but this will probably last you 2-3 snack servings. The container with jam weighs 110 g (3.88 ounces). So, for this amount of similar jam I would pay $2.79 on Amazon. It is not exactly the right jam, but this one is close as I was able to find.


Minna Organic Fig Jam, 1.4 Ounce (Pack of 30) – $2.79 for 2 (3.8 ounces)


Le Saunier De Camargue fleur de sel. We love various types of salt – we put artisanal salts on our burgers, and it adds a ton of flavor! I am looking forward to using this fleur de sel this summer! The container with salt is a standard size container, 4.4 oz, what you would expect to buy at a store. This is an expensive item, you can get it on Amazon for $10.49.

Le Saunier De Camargue Fleur De Sel Sea Salt, 4.4 Ounce Canisters


Francois Doucet candied fruit bars – we got 2 of those! The flavors of those are apricot and raspberry. These snacks are made from pure fruit pulp and sugar. I think this will be a nice treat for whenever we would like something sweet to eat! I might even put it in my purse to carry around to take with my coffee in a coffee shop. I have found this item from Francois Doucet store online, and two bars would cost about $1.86.


And then there was a mystery treat! Now that one was weird, I have to admit! I am still not sure about this one. First, I am not sure what it is. It is a mystery treat all right because all it says on it is just “sauce culinaire” – lucky I know enough French to understand it just means cooking sauce, and the make of the sauce – Christian Potier – Maitre Saucier. I am yet to find out whether it is sweet, or savory. It also does not include any ingredients that the sauce is made from. On the up side it is cool because it is a mystery, but on the down side, with all the allergies that people have these days, it would be nice to be able to know the exact ingredients of the sauce to be able to figure out who in the family can use it. We don’t have major allergies, but we do have some intolerances in the family. I also like to be able to plan my meals, and at least knowing what is in the sauce would help me be able to use it. I will do some search regarding the make of the sauce to find out what it actually is. So, this mystery ingredient is really strange and I am not sure why it made its way in the box, and why the company thought it was a good idea to use it. But, hey, it is a free extra, so, I’ll take it!

After searching online I wasn’t able to actually find out what this sauce was, so, I am going to leave it be for now, I think. Maybe I will use it as a dip one of these days, not sure.


The total cost of this box, were I to purchase all of the ingredients separately, would be $27.51 + the mystery sauce, so about $28 total! So, the bottomline is that most of the ingredients are hard to buy in the packages of the sizes that are in this box, because these are sold in bulk, in packs of 6 or 12 or 30. The second point is that you might never get to try these ingredients if you were to source them yourself. Some are only available to be shipped from France, or are discontinued.

Finally, I think that the subscription Try the World is a great way to try ethnic food without breaking a bank, and learn about new cultures through food education – what a great way to experience the world on a dime! If you buy through this link, you will get $15 off your box!




Marrakesh Try the World Box

photo 1 (19)

Two days ago I received Try the World box devoted to Marrakesh. Yey!!!

I thought that the packaging was very attractive. The box was turquoise, very durable. My baby has played with it and the box is still like new. It is great for project or even reuse or regifting purposes!

photo 3 (7)

The box included attractive packaging, a culture guide about Marrakesh, Morocco to create the atmosphere and the mood. It was very interesting to read some facts about Morocco. Most of it I already knew, but it was great to read to my kids.

photo 4 (2)

It was interesting to see Argan oil that we have just recently tried for hair, to now be able to try for food preparations. The booklet offered a recipe of a Marrakesh stew that I intend to try out next week. I will post about it when I have it ready. It also gave a recipe of Ghoriba or almond macaroons and pastilla. I am not sure about Pastilla, as its ingredient list includes chicken and powdered sugar – oi! I can see myself eating and liking it, but I don’t know about my husband… I guess my kids will like it. They’ll eat anything with sugar on top.

photo 5 (4)

Then the booklet included a description of Moroccan tea ceremony. Tea is something I know a bit about – I did work in a tea salon for a little while, and I drink tea a lot! Then the booklet also includes some playlists and a list of poems and movies. I wish I had more time to watch any of those movies! I love international movies, especially when you are given a list of all the best movies – who wouldn’t like that! Actually, only one movie Casablanca is what everyone knows, but the list here goes on, and I wish I could find and watch those movies – must be fun, as they are very recent, and will surely show us Morocco of today.

photo 2 (18)

Then, there is also a leaflet that came with the box that includes a description of each item in the box. Here is what I got –

photo 3 (8)

Dari – organic whole wheat couscous. This particular product retails on Amazon for about $3.24 right now.

photo (13)

Then there was a small bottle of culinary argan oil. This oil is imported from Morocco, and looks very interesting to try out. It is good for fish, grilled vegetables and salad dishes, so I will have to make some fish dish probably next week to try it out. This oil retail on Amazon for about $12.50 as our bottle we got is very small – half of the one sold on Amazon.

photo 1 (20)

We also got couscous sauce. I have never cooked couscous with sauce before, but it is basically a pre-made sauce, where you just add your protein and your veggies, and you are all set. I think this will be easy enough to try. I am not a huge fan of pre-made canned sauces, as I don’t know what they have put in the can, but at least it saves a lot of time, dishes, and effort. Sometimes after a long day you just want to throw your 3 dinner things together and forget about it. So, this sauce is not available on Amazon, but Try the World itself is selling the sauce for $5.95 online. This maybe either a good sign, or a bad sign that Amazon doesn’t carry this product. Remains to be seen – I will report once I try it.

photo 4 (3)

Next, there were biscuits in the box called Orientines. Very interesting product, the package stated that there were only natural ingredients, no preservatives of any kind. I tried the biscuits. Very fun, taste like tiny bites of orange. They also taste like shortcake cookie and French palmier at the same time. The texture is a bit hard for me, maybe, but the flavor is great! This is my new favorite cookie (until I open a new box)! These cookies are also not available on Amazon, but Try the World carries them for $6.50 for the package (this now may be overpriced a bit, but they are imported!)

photo 5 (5)

Then there was kefta rub by Villa Jerada. Now this company is by Moroccan owners, but the rub is actually produced in Seattle, where we are at. Try the World sells the rub for $14.95. I would say you could probably find a substitute for this rub for about $9.00 on Amazon here, and in a larger pack too! This company has a website that is under construction, but they also make harissa and saffron spices. I wish I got harissa in my box! I have always wanted to try to cook with it!

photo 2 (19)

The last item in my box, however, was a can of sardines by Titus. My daughter told me that she has always wanted to try sardines. We haven’t opened this can yet, so this will be an experiment that is most likely going to fail! It is doomed, I tell you! This can retails for $2.48 about on Amazon

Total retail price for the box substitute – $39.67! I have only paid $39 for two boxes, so I am essentially getting the second box for free! I think that I got a good deal on these! Were I to buy these for retail (which I probably would too because it is such a fun idea!), I would have to pay more than double!

I haven’t tried any of the box contents yet except for the biscuits, which I love! I highly recommend ordering the box, especially now for a Mother’s Day gift to yourself, or for some summer cooking/baking activities with kids! I think this is an awesome way to eat – have a theme party! I know I will – next week, or maybe on this weekend! Stay tuned!

If you would like to order this box, you will get $15 off right away towards your first box, here is where to go – Try The World!