Having a Bachelorette Party? Get Your Party Gear at PartyFuFu

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OK, so today’s topic is a bachelorette party! Have you had one? I wish I did! Nowadays it is so easy to find bachelorette, party and bridal shower ideas, and wedding ideas I almost feel like I have to do a do-over with my girl pals.

When I was getting married it all just went in a flash. I think I was just too busy to organize anything, I was working at the time, and studying, it was a busy time! I know today I could throw a party just like that, there are so many different inexpensive products available that are great for a simple and fun party!

Bachelorette Tattoos by PartyFuFu

So, what is your kind of a bachelorette party? Are you trying to get together with your girl pals, and just celebrate the final days of independent living? I know you would want to be happy, and naughty, and a little bit cheeky! Understandable!

Bachelorette Tattoos by PartyFuFu

The issue, I guess, is how to do this on a budget. If you are trying to have a good time, and you are just not into taking your girlfriends to Vegas or Atlantic City, why not celebrate in style by getting very affordable gear at partyfufu.com

You can pick and choose your party gear, and I think the best way to start your celebration is by getting a cool stylish tattoo that will add a lot of bling because it’s gold, and that will certainly tell the world that it’s party time!

Bachelorette Tattoos by PartyFuFu

You can get these tattoos for $7.99 on partyfufu.com website, and the link is going to be in the description section for this video.

Are you looking for neat bachelorette party and bridal shower ideas? Be sure to check out bridal tattoo sets from PartyFuFu.

It’s gifting season, so why not #GiftGreatSkin with evian® Brumisateur® Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray!

Evian facial spray for holidays

The Holiday season is soon approaching — filled with cozy dinners, office parties, and gift exchanges! Whether you are hosting or attending a party, staying local or traveling, evian® Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray from the French Alps is a special way to show you care. See below for ideas on incorporating evian® to your holiday fun!

Planning a party? Leave a canister of evian® spray in your bathroom so that your guests can enjoy! They can lightly spray over their face for quick make-up pick-me-up or generously spray their hair to calm their frizzies.

Evian facial spray for holidays

Not sure what to bring to a party? Everyone else can bring the wine and dessert. Try something different by bringing a fun apron and the 5 oz. (150 ml) canister of evian® spray? A generous spray is very refreshing in a hot kitchen.

Need Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas? Give your loved ones a sweet and relaxing surprise with our portable 1.7 oz. (50 ml) evian® spray along with Face Masks, Nail Kits, and Bath oils!

Traveling to celebrate? The TSA has approved the evian® 1.7 oz. (50ml) size for bringing on board commercial flights for instant hydration and a quick refresher during hectic travels. No other facial spray contains evian® water’s exceptional purity, unique mineral balance and neutral pH. Stay hydrated no matter where you go.

Wait, there is more! evian® is hosting a new giveaway – 2 lucky winners will be picked to win grand prizes! Here is what’s in the prize:

Evian facial spray for holidays

The Clarisonic Mia 2 with limited edition beauty bag and extra Deep Pore Brush head to keep pores clean all season long. A $191 value.

This set includes:
White Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing Device
Sensitive Brush Head (installed)
Batik Beauty Bag in Coral
Complimentary Deep Pore Brush Head
Universal pLink Charger

Also included: a 5 oz. and one travel-size evian spray, a total gift value of over $210.

I love using evian® facial sprays, and so do my daughters. I love that the sprays come in different sizes – there is a large container that I always have on hand at home. There is a small container that is perfect to have on the go, on a hot day. My skin is very sensitive, and I rarely use anything to refresh and clean my face other than water, and evian® natural mineral water in a spray form is the best for face cleansing for me – so easy to apply, always nice and cool, perfect for any day.
I am wishing you good luck in this giveaway, and try out this product if you have never used it – this is one of my most favorite products – http://www.evianspray.com/
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Holiday Gifting For Your Child’s Future

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During the holiday season we often start thinking about our family, the years passing by, and how we are going to prepare our children for the future to come. The best way to prepare is thinking about that future now, and making sure that there are all of the means in place for children to grow up with sufficient savings to start their independent lives with. So many ways to accumulate wealth right now – investments into property, or valuables are always some of the best ways to go about it. These are all just common ideas everyone knows, but the real bottom line is whether you have the necessary strategies to go about it. What types of valuables do I invest in? Having a personal Van Gogh on your wall would be nice, but do you have what it takes to protect the picture from the passage of time, and the stealthy thieves? Probably not. I prefer investments into Precious Metals. Now, personally, I don’t really have a lot of investments into these types of valuables, I am still putting together my ideas, and here is what I want to share that I have found…

Precious Metals hold intrinsic value

I know that whenever there are difficult times that the world is facing, everything loses its value except for Gold and other Precious Metals. You may have traditional jewelry from a long time ago, and it is still valuable now, even more so, if the handcrafted piece is one of a kind. If you are a prepper, or share some of the ideas of preppers – to be self-sufficient, prepared to what might happen, you will need to think about getting that bag ready with your valuables – you can always trade them when the difficult times arrive. Precious Metals will always be worth a great value as this is their nature.  This value can be exchanged for other supplies, or sold for money in times of trouble. This is how my ancestors often had to survive through the most difficult times of the past, and this is still true today – while everything else becomes old-fashioned, or becomes too used up, Precious Metals never lose their value, and often become more expensive, and are especially important to have in times of peril. I think that investing today only makes sense because the longer you wait, the less time you will have to save up for that important project you may have in the future – sending kids to college can be made easier with Silver stacking. It is also quite easy to purchase small precious coins and items, and it will allow you to save while you won’t even notice the impact of the savings on your daily budget.

Investing in Precious Metals enables diversity

If you have already invested into real estate, or stocks, then now is the time to think about Precious Metal valuables as they will allow you to diversify your portfolio of investments, and will give you tangible, fun items that only physical investment in valuables can bring. Investment in these assets allows you not to be so worried about the fluctuations in the stock market. Here are a few products that I have found that could be great options to invest now, in place or in addition to all of the other gifts that you are planning to get.

  • 1 oz Silver Round – Santa – http://www.apmex.com/product/102856/1-oz-silver-round-santa-w-red-pouch-capsule This Silver round features Santa Claus with the year 2016 and contains 1 ounce of .999 fine Silver. It comes with a red velvet pouch and ornament capsule to place on your tree. This round would be a great gift for the toddler in your life and they would love to see it glistening between the Christmas tree branches. 2016

  • 1 oz Silver American Eagle with APMEX Gift Box – http://www.apmex.com/product/95442/2016-1-oz-silver-american-eagle-bu-w-apmex-gift-box This coin is perfect for the teen in your family who is learning about money and the importance of saving. The American Silver Eagle is the most popular Silver bullion coin in the world and is used for investments and IRAs. This sovereign coin is backed by the U.S. government and is recognized around the world.

Check out here for more APMEX Holiday Products

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Tips to Help you with Planning for the Holiday Season from Box Roundup – Free Holiday Planning Printable

So, this week is coming to a close. This was a very eventful week. We started with a birthday, went on to have another birthday, survived the election night, and had a blast going to a show for our baby. Today I am busy working on the blog, and a lot of updates (including a special new Holiday Planning Printable) – stay tuned.

I find when weeks are busy, I often lose track of what needs to be done. When you have a job, a busy household full of kids, and their activities, and have to plan a lot of holiday celebrations, things can easily get out of hand.

One important point is to stay organized, and try to plan everything out, as much as possible. I also find that it is so important to stay focused, and calm through the holidays, and try to take control of your emotional state using a little help from easy shortcuts, tricks, and aids that you can find. I am hoping to make your life a little easier with this post.

I would love to help you out, and show how I am getting ready for holidays, showing a little peak into my preparation list, and what I am doing to feel more comfortable throughout the holiday celebrations.

Christmas Trees with Holiday Planning Printable

1. Be sure to make a checklist for your planning needs. This checklist can include activities you are planning to have during the holiday week, recipes you would like to try out making, little games and ideas to entertain your guests. Preparing beforehand can make all of the difference – you will not be nervous at all the week of the holidays as you would have everything written down, and would just need to go along with your planning.

I have prepared a little Holiday Planning Printable to use for your celebrations. You can decide on the guest list, recipes for your celebration day, list out your chores to do for the day, all of the ingredients you are still missing for your dishes, and plan out what you can do in your prep work ahead of the time. A lot of the recipes can be done as far as a week ahead, and then frozen. All your veggie peeling and cutting can also be done one day ahead. Cakes can be ordered or have to be made ahead of the time so that your layers can soak in your filling better.

Hope this printable can help out in your preparation. Please, let me know in your comments if you would like me to modify the printable in any way, or add anything to it.

2. Plan out your meals beforehand. Be sure to check the ingredient lists, and check that you have all of the utensils that you may need. We are lucky that we have stores all around us that are always open, so we can take a quick drive to a store when we are missing anything, but this does happen all too often. The best way to go about it is to have a list ready, do all of the shopping beforehand, and only have to put the meals together.

If you are struggling with what to make for the holidays, and are tired of same old ideas and recipes, be sure to check out my recent posts with a few ideas.

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Top Daily Recipes to Try Compiled by Box Roundup

3. On the day of the celebrations be sure to make a treat just for yourself to start the day off on the right note. You will probably be packing presents, doing all the last minute cleaning, and cooking a lot on the day of your celebration. A small treat in the morning can set the tone for all of your amazing plans. This is the time to have a few treats – the holidays, when else?

We went shopping to Walmart this past week, and were able to get a few new products to try out to sweeten up our days.

Cinnamon buns with Holiday Planning Printable

Cinnamon buns  with Holiday Planning Printable

4. One of the most important things for me about holidays is feeling my best. I cannot imagine having a down-in-the dumps day during holidays because of discomfort. The whole week before the holidays we are usually so busy running around, and being active. We always go to celebrations with kids, various sports activities, performances, and events, often spanning over many hours during the day. I wouldn’t be able to go through my holidays not having all of the comfort and relief I need to stay active, and have fun with the family without having to think about minor health issues concerning bladder control when I dance, stay active, laugh or sneeze.

The same trip to Walmart helped me stock up for my holidays with an Impressa sizing kit, here is how to get it –  www.walmart.com/impressa. It is so inexpensive, and even includes a coupon for a full pack that I can use once I have figured out the size I need.

Impressa will help you to get through the holidays with Holiday Planning Printable

Impressa will help you to get through the holidays with Holiday Planning Printable

Impressa Bladder Support helps so many women to stay active – and it is so helpful for the holiday season!


Hope that the advice I can give is helpful, and you can use the printable, the recipe ideas to help you with the holiday season planning. Please, be sure to let me know in your comments if you have any other special tips for the holidays that you would like to share! 

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