New Tactile Activity for Toddlers – Try Hair Rollers!

I have received some hair rollers for a review, and found a fun new activity for my toddler!

toddler tactile activity with hair rollers

These hair rollers have very pliable soft material on the outside, and they are great for your little one to twist and turn – make sure you watch the child at all times, and you will see that your baby can be busy and happy playing for quite a while with these!

toddler tactile activity with hair rollers

toddler tactile activity with hair rollers

These hair rollers are super colorful, and so fun to play with!

I love to give soft toys to my kids, and this is such a great way to use these rollers as well!

I love the fact that the toddler can create lots of fun shapes, and use her hands to twist the rollers!

It is a great way to use regular home objects, and much more affordable than getting a toy for your toddler. Toys these days cost $25 almost every time for every toy, if not more. This is a great way to find a new activity for very small amount of money, that will get your toddler crafting shapes! I have never seen such great toys for toddlers available!

Of course, you can very well use these for hair rollers – they are awesome! Various shapes, colors, I may even wear them outside for fun!

Here is where to find them

Sample was provided free of charge for a review.

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