How to Apply Hair Thickening Fibers

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Did you know that August is the National Hair Loss Prevention month, and we want to help you with an affordable treatment option that will not be breaking your bank! We also want to discuss how to apply hair thickening fibers. We have already described how hair thickening fibers work but wanted to explain a little more about our preferred product for hair loss concerns.
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Have you heard about this product before? This is a truly revolutionary idea that makes it simple to address your problem, and the product is so simple to use.
However, if you have never used similar products before, it might be a bit of an issue to understand at first how this product works exactly. It is truly a magical product, and I love watching videos where it is shown how the product works.
Here are some of the instructions that the company producer provides as far as how to apply hair thickening fibers.

Application of hair thickening fibers

1. Rinse out any hair gels, creams and other hair products. Wait until the hair dries before applying Fibolica. Then, style your hair as usual (Do not use hair-spray
before the application).
2. Remove the cap and position the bottle over your head, holding it at a 45-degree angle 2 to 3 inches above the thinning area. Gently shake or tap small
amounts of the hair fibers evenly over the thinning area starting from the back of your head and working your way towards the front.
3. Slowly build up to a more natural coverage by repeating the application a few times until desired result.
4. Gently brush or pat the hair fibers down to blend them in with your natural hair.
5. To apply the hair fibers on the frontal area, place your hand under your hairline to keep the hair fibers from getting on your face and eyes.
6. Check to see if all thinning areas are covered by using a hand mirror.
Optional: After the application, you may use hairspray if you wish.
Fibolica hair fibers
Do you feel like hair loss is really a problem that is bringing you down? But it should not be! You should really be confident about how to deal with and resolve your hair loss with Fibolica products.
If you are still unsure, Fibolica offers a 60 day risk free guarantee, where you can try the product to make sure you like it. After you use it, you will know that this is the best solution, as any other alternative will run your budget for hair loss resolution way up, and would often be associated with painful procedures that would not always provide a guaranteed result.
If you are looking for a more natural, organic solution to your hair loss problem, look into getting Fibolica hair fibers to thicken your hair, and add the volume that you need for a perfect natural effect!
What types of hair loss solutions have you tried so far? What have you heard works well? What types of difficulties have you had to experience due to hair loss? Please, comment with your story, share with us how hair loss has affected you.