Pierogi dish to try with bacon and onions

Got to try a bacon and potato pierogi dish – boiled first for 3-4 minutes, and then fried in bacon fat with bacon, some spinach, green onions, garlic and parmesan sprinkled on top. This was one of the most amazing dinners in the month! The pierogis tasted divine! The spring onions and the bacon added a lot to the dish! I think these are the best pierogis I have ever tried! These are made by Polana at http://www.Polishfood.com from Chicago! That is the where all the best pierogis are from, and these ones are definitely the best! Let me know in your comments if you have some other ideas for pierogi dishes, but be sure to try this one! Two packs is all we needed for a family of 5, and we had a blast of a meal, everyone got seconds! Wish we had enough for thirds! The whole meal was under $5 since I #GotItFree for a review but they are regularly under $9 per pack – not expensive at all for a pack of deliciousness! Hope you can enjoy it as well!

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