Spain Candy subscription box

I am getting to know some subscriptions on the block – and I just found a new one – Candyyyyyy!

This one is Candy from Spain or and they will give you your fix of Spanish sweets straight from Spain Рno more, no less!

I wish I knew more about Spanish Candy to write here, but I think I will have to try their candy so I can learn more about these amazing treats – what do you say?

I think food from Spain is amazing – all those tapas – mmm, mmm, mmm! Spanish sweets must be goood! – Check them out!



Give the gift of Treatsie artisan sweets!

Treatsie is another great box full of snacks! The price of the box is $19.95 per month, and that includes shipping, of course! You get an amazing box of treats, usually at least from 3 different vendors! This is one of those boxes that anyone would want to have – it is full of treats!

I have found a promo that they have going on now – you get the second month free, if you order one month at least.
Give the gift of Treatsie artisan sweets!

Sunshine Candy


The Sunshine Candy is a curated box of candy for $29.95 per month that is delivered to your door! You get a combination of old time favorites and new modern candy. Each box includes 3-4 lbs of candy! That’s a lot of candy! If you were to subscribe for a year, you would be looking at 36-48 lbs per year. You’ll be all candied up! Would you dare?

Old British Sweets

Have you ever tried Old British Sweets before? I haven’t tried them yet, but would love to some day. You can sign up to try some through Old British Sweets for $19.99 British pounds. Sounds like candies Harry Potter would be able to try. This is a very interesting subscription service!

The website is quite basic for this company, and it seems that the candies are shipped straight from Britain, but it is not quite clear. To be honest, the website looks a bit sketchy, I think the company is just starting out. Check on them, see what you think.



The subscription Maple-a-Month is a Canadian subscription box where you will receive a box full of authentic tastes of Canada. The box includes maple syrup, maple cookies, maple butter, maple toffee, hard maple candy and maple nuts. The cost of the box is $30.