Coloring with U.S.Bilby Liquid Chalk Markers on Black Paper – My Kids Loved the Activity!

When I started blogging, I didn’t realize how fun it will be, not just for me, but for my kids as well. I love sharing what I get to do, as a blogger, and what my kids get to create! There are so many activities for kids, and I love finding the best ones for my kids to do – I wish I could share every moment of my life on the blog, and what we get to do, and experience, but there is only so much time in the day. Heh… I will do my best to journal more about our life, so that you can try similar activities at home if you like as well – I know you and your kids will love them!

You know, with kids, we like to give them stuff to do, and possibly with not a lot of supervision, as I like to do my chopping vegetables or getting a quick cup of coffee while they are creating. I don’t really like to be overbearing over their heads with a complicated step-by-step craft project that I ultimately end up making myself as they often just don’t have the patience, or can’t follow the instructions correctly. Honestly, while it is great to have tutorials, and beautiful projects, a lot of the kids, even if they are artistic, smart, and patient, just simply cannot follow – this could be age-related or just inability to work through the errors, and unwillingness to try hard – maybe it’s the modern kids today, or something else, but I just love when I can give my kids something to do, and leave them to it without needing to helicopter over their heads every single second of my day.

That is why I love U.S.Bilby markers. I have made a video to prove it to you! I have a 2 year old, and her older tween sister figuring out a few projects on their own with the markers, and you know what? I am not worried doing my thing while they are busy creating because those markers are washable – I give you my promise. Mind you, not every washable paint is in fact always washable from every surface, but these markers really are! There is no issue getting them with a wet cloth off the table or the hands of your sticky little ones!

One other thing – notice in the video how a 2 year old is able to open up the lid of the marker! I love that the lids are not loose on the markers to fall off every second, but are firmly on, but even a 2 year old can remove them! I love how easy they are to close. Now, my 2 year-old might not have enough intelligence to close those herself yet, but they are so much easier to close than any other model that I have ever had of similar liquid chalk markers!

U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers

U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers

U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers

U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers

What a great way to paint with these markers on black paper – that is what my kids were exploring this time around in the video that we have made.

We got a set of stencils at a dollar store, and that set came with its own markers, but those are bad quality, barely work, and certainly don’t work at all on black background. I think this is fun for kids to practice drawing something different – switching the background from white to black for a change, and using their liquid chalk markers doing it!

So, enjoy the video, and let me know if you are interested in any other projects with liquid chalk markers – if you have got them yourself, and what you have used them for yourself so far –

Coloring with liquid chalk markers is a great way to entertain your kids – they can use stencils and create a picture, or write words with markers, or they can draw bright and colorful pictures of their own – lots of creativity used, without a lot of supervision needed!

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