I have a confession – I bummed my challenge this month. I went shopping on Tuesday, and on Wednesday! I have depleted all my subscription food boxes pretty quickly, and I am gearing up to participate in a recipe challenge, so these trips were imminent. I had to shop! What do you make of that when a housewife like me gets bombarded with offers even at night hours in my mailbox and email box! I think I have been brainwashed to buy food! Oh, wait, don’t we all do that? Ok, I guess that makes me feel better… No matter how frugal you are or claim to be, you have to eat something, and last time I checked dumpster diving was not considered to be something my husband would endorse (I know he is reading, so I am hoping for a chuckle right at this point).

Anyway, I shopped at Albertson’s and Central Market. I got some deals, and not so deals, as I need some ingredients for my recipes I am not yet disclosing, as I will shortly once everything has been cooked.

First Albertson’s trip –

Barbara’s cereal – got 2 boxes $5.49 +$5.69 less $9.98 in coupons for those = $1.20

Splenda $2.09 (man was I out of this ingredient, and was trying to gear up for Costco for it, but didn’t make it and bought here, and got a $2.00 coupon off 2 packs)

Prune juice for the baby $5.19

Arborio rice (my husband wants to repeat the recipe for shrimp rice from the other day from Hello Fresh box) $8.99

Rockstar drink $1.99

Pacific all (have no idea what that is 🙂 $3.39

Butter $1.99 +$2.99+$3.49+$3.49 (we eat a lot of butter)

Baby food 8 jars

Vitamins $3.99

Blueberries frozen $10.99

alcohol (for cooking and baking!) $9.99 +$2.83+$6.99+$19.99+$1.41 (man does it cost any more than that!)

flank steak $15.64

plantains (An unusual for me ingredient!) $2.49

mint $2.99

strawberries $5.00

asparagus $5.39

lemons $3.99

green onions $0.79

cilantro $0.99

mushrooms $2.29

rhubarb $1.02

Total shopping – $147.71!!!

I was able to use only 2 coupons and got only two Monopoly tickets. All this will help me feed my baby with about half of her meals, and make about 1.75 dinners and 2 desserts for the family. Also, about 1.5 weeks of breakfasts, of course…. So, if we ignore breakfast food and baby food, this will make each plate at about $21 per person, which is actually more expensive than those subscription boxes! It is a rough approximation now, I will be coming up with a detailed price comparison for the meals shortly, but it is what it is!

My second trip to Albertson’s got me the following:

2 packs of Splendas (can never have enough of that) $2.09+$2.09 less $2.00 coupon = $2.18

Smart One frozen entree (for my Crowdtap challenge – I love Crowdtap!) $3.29

2 salad mixes $3.00

basil $5.00

mangoes $4.98

Total shopping $18.45. I even took a picture. Ignore the odd foot in the picture.

photo 2 (13)

My third trip was to Central Market.

Here is what I bought –

some decorative elements $9.29

cheese $9.98 +$5.99 + $4.99 +$7.20 (I love cheese and I need some for my recipes)

olive bar $5.39

free soup (used my coupon)

got more Barbara’s cereal, 3 more packs – free after coupons

Zevia soda $3.00

more cheese $13.78

dishes $11.34

bananas $1.77

shrimp $10.39

salmon $10.51

used $5.00 off coupon

Total paid $89.53

Budget looks not good for the month – -231.05!!! Well, I also have to add my dairy purchasing on Monday that I haven’t taken into account yet, and I have to decide whether I am going to get a new veg box on Monday coming up or not.

Here is what our meal plan looks like right now

Thursday – potentially going to WholeFoods for a tasting or making shrimp risotto

Friday – salmon and/or shrimp risotto

Saturday – lunch – flank steak, Blue Apron dinner

Sunday -Blue Apron lunch, Blue Apron dinner

Sounds simple enough! Now I only have to plan meals starting Monday – easy-peasy!




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