How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

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One thing that we value in our family above and beyond everything else is our kids. We try to plan our days around their needs, and mostly trying our best to keep them happy, engaged, and involved with interesting things to do.

I find that parents are probably the most important resources for children to help them get a good grounding in life, to teach them good values and what’s important. It is both our responsibility, and a fun task to have – we need to do our best to give good childhood opportunities to our children, as much as we can.

We don’t really see our children for the most part of the day though. They spend a lot of their days at school, and then come home late, and mostly spend time doing homework. Most of our parenting happens in the evening, and on the weekends. So, while we have that task of ensuring that our children receive opportunity to grow and develop, we can only impact some of the hours of their day. The time they spend in schools and after school activities is when they are under the authority of someone else, yet we need to make sure we are still helping them to use their time to learn and grow, engage in meaningful activities.

Ensuring that our children receive those opportunities is engaging them in great after school programs, and activities during their breaks so that they get to be challenged, develop new interests, and learn to socialize with their peers outside of school environment, in a positive way.

One way to provide this positive, caring atmosphere for children is engaging them in Boys & Girls Clubs. This organizations provides a way to engage school-aged children in different programs and learning activities that are fun, affordable and help to create a safe place where learning and development are the core goals. Many communities have those clubs, and in total 4 million kids attend activities at over 4300 clubs locations. Are you wondering if your community has one or a few nearby? Check for more information at

I love how open this organization is to ensure nobody is excluded. Parents come from all walks of life, and are happy to find that their children can be in a safe environment, with caring staff interested in helping students reach academic success, obtain healthy lifestyle, and train character, prepare for independent life as leaders.

There are many ingredients that are put together to help children grow, and advance. It is great that Boys & Girls Clubs strive to work on improving the mind, training the body, and enriching the soul of young children who attend the clubs. It’s so important to establish healthy food habits in the young generation, developing smart choices leading to healthy lifestyle.

Boys & Girls Clubs developed a Triple Play program in cooperation with the Anthem Foundation and the Coca-Cola Company where activities are focused on mind, body and soul. This particular program provides children with the tools to help them build their future the right way, focusing on health and wellness as goals.

Another wonderful opportunity that Boys & Girls Clubs provide are activities for children during school breaks. We are not always able to take a full vacation during those weeks when children are out of school, and these clubs provide an enriching program that help to keep children stay on track with their academic progress, and help them stay active and healthy. I am always looking for summer camps with an engaging program promoting great and healthy habits, I am happy that I can bring my children to Boys & Girls Clubs!

I am often so impressed with the programs that are offered by these types of well-organized clubs, I try to create a motivating and healthy environment at home, and set up activities that can keep my children following healthy habits are routines. They help me with meal preparations, and I teach them habits of eating in moderation. Today there are so many temptations, and our budgets allow us to buy practically anything in a grocery store, but we always have to be mindful of how healthy the food is, what it is made of, and whether that’s the right nutrition for us to follow.

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

This weekend we visited the local Science Center with the family, and learned lots about food, engineering, animal habitats.

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

By working together on a couple of engineering projects, my daughters worked on bonding with each other, and working in a team.

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

Our teen and tween discussed how much they generally eat, and what constitutes a healthy amount of food by studying a portion control project.

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

This weekend was our typical day when we get to spend the whole day with the kids. W  hen we take up activities, we are mostly driven my the children, where they like to go, what they like to learn and do. This helps to avoid meltdowns, and keeps the whole family happy and motivated. Other times we engage children in sports related activities, and we change up what we do every few months depending on the season, and what everyone wants to do at the moment.


Woodland Park Zoo – Pumpkin Bash Experience

This is a sponsored post.

This past weekend was a blast. We were able to start our celebrations for Halloween early by going to a Pumpkin Bash event at our local Woodland Park Zoo, and we had a great time.

HALLOWEEN COMES TO WOODLAND PARK ZOO Sat. & Sun., Oct. 28-29, 2017 | 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Pumpkin Bash features: 1. Trick-or-treating for kids 2. Family-friendly Boomazium fun including not-so-scary storytelling and puppet shows 3. Pumpkins for the animals SPECIAL DISCOUNT: One kid (12 years and under) in costume is admitted FREE with a full-price paid adult admission (cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion) All activities are free with zoo admission or membership Get into the Halloween spirit with these Facebook Cover Photos inspired by the howling good time our animals have at Pumpkin Bash. They are sized to fit perfectly into the Cover Photo spot on your Facebook profile – just save your favorite and upload to your profile to share the fun! Avoid lines and buy your general admission tickets in advance, or become a member for unlimited admission all year long! Please note: discounts and coupons are not applicable for online ticket purchases. For More Information and to Purchase Tickets #ad Please visit: #wa #washingtonstate #woodland #woodlandparkzoo #seattlezoo #seattlehalloween #seattletourism #spaceneedle #seattlekids #seattlewheel #surprisetrip #woodlandpark #woodlandzoo @woodlandparkzoo

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I little while ago I have written a post about this program at Woodland Park Zoo related to the Halloween, and so glad we were able to go!

The Zoo was quite busy, and it was hard to find parking at first. I could tell this was going to be a lovely event!

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

We started with a picture session in front of the Zoo, and my kids were wearing their costumes. Here are two of my three kids, the third one left her costume home. It was a great way to start dressing up this weekend as the weather was perfect for wearing just a light costume without getting too cold. Wearing a costume permitted to take advantage of a special discount of getting a free admission for one kid 12 or under wearing a costume. So many kids, little ones, and older ones came dressed up, it was so fun to see all different costumes!

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

Once we got in the Zoo, we noticed lots of stands with snacks, candy, and even various coupons, so a great trick-or-treating program awaited next! Kids got lots of candy in their Halloween baskets! The brands that were represented were excellent, and showcased their new snacks and treats for kids – how fun!

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

After a trick-or-treating session we went to see the programming for the Pumpkin Bash. There was a schedule provided of the activities right next to the map, so it was easy to find where everything was. We took a picture of the programming to remember it.

Then we started going to see animals, and watching the little shows that were set up for us to enjoy.

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

As it was a Pumpkin Bash event, all of the animals were fed out of Jack-o-Lanterns, getting those pumpkins on their heads, and giving us a show how they managed to get their food out of those pumpkins, it was a lot of fun to see.

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

Here are a few of the animals we have seen at the Zoo.

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

This guy seemed tired out, and getting a snooze.

This guy seemed to be specifically posing for a photo shoot.

My toddler, a bird, watching a python.

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

Here is a cute animal called “warty pig”, I have never heard of this one before. Such a cute picture, this pig was really trying hard getting that food out!

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

We loved watching African animals right in the middle of our North West. The animals seemed pretty satisfied with the weather, at least for this week.

Seeing a hippo is always so amazing, they are so huge!

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

The whole Zoo was decorated and celebratory to create that special atmosphere of Halloween.

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

Here is what I loved so much – the Zoo really creates atmosphere related to each area and climate zone, animal habitats that they are showcasing. I loved this exhibit of a fish drying rack – gives such a good presentation of how fish is traditionally treated to preserve it.

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

Our day went so well – we didn’t have any meltdowns, and as we were going from station to station to watch animals being fed, we got to see animals in action, it was exciting for kids, toddlers and tweens. We decided to get some more portraits done of the kids since they were in such good spirits.

Woodland Park Zoo - Pumpkin Bash Experience

It was amazing to see an old-fashioned carousel at the Zoo, and we definitely went on a ride with our toddler.

It was a good day, I can’t wait to go back to Woodland Park Zoo, my kids loved the experience!

9 Fun things to do with toddlers when you are tired of parenting

Toddlers are cute muffins. They are so adorable, running around with those chubby cheeks and puppy eyes. But these adorable monsters can also cause havoc. The age between two and six is where there is massive development in cognition such as perception and sensation. They are super curious about everything, and that’s why there is a lot of spilling, tripping, and falling over. On the top of this, there are tantrums. Your toddlers can drive you crazy sometimes. At such times, don’t lose your cool, try to distract them. Here are nine fun things that you can easily do with your little one when they make parenting hard for you.


  1. Coloring

Who doesn’t love coloring? Get to the work, bring out some colors, and some coloring pages or just draw something by yourself and give it to your kid to fill in. They will love it. Along with having fun, they will learn the names of the colors and find new ones too. Heads up, questions such as “Why are the trees green?” and “Why is the color red red?” will pop up. Be prepared to answer them!


  1. Group activity

If your toddler is bored of playing all by himself all the time, it is time for a change. Take him out to a local park and let him play with the kids there. He might just make new friends. Or invite all his friends home and announce that he is the host of the party ( he’ll be thrilled!). Plan some group activities they can do together which will sharpen their cognitive skills.


  1. Gardening

Give him a break from all the video games and staring at the computer screens. Take him to the backyard to let your little one have some fun. Another heads up, so many questions about why leaves are not blue or why mud is sticky are en route. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t answer them. Some are just illogical! So give them a kind smile and talk about something else even if you’re annoyed with their questions. But, never yell at them or ask them to shut up. Poor kids are just curious.


  1. Bake cookies

Children get excited just by hearing the word ‘cookies’. So bring them to the kitchen and have a few master chef classes. Don’t worry about the mess, just let yourself be for once! See them giggling while they try to mix the flour and knead the dough with their tiny hands. However, make sure they are at a safe distance from the cutlery and the oven. And just in case you don’t know how to bake cookies, here is the recipe.


  1. Car wash

Trust us. Your children will love this! The car wash is completely fun. Get your kids into the garage and hold the car wash. Sure, they may be drenched from head to toe, but that hardly matters. Some soap, sponges, and loads of water, that’s all you need to make your kid have a fantastic time!


  1. Dress up

If your little one is making a lot of trouble and throwing fits of tantrums, this is another foolproof way of calming them down. Take them to your closet, and let them choose what they want to wear. Do their makeup as they like, and if you can take the bold step, let them do your makeup too! (Yeah, we know it’s freaky, but your kid will have a good time).


  1. Build a clothes castle

An alternative for dressing up. Get all the clothes on the floor or on the bed and use some lamps or objects that can help with building a castle of clothes. Pretend that you’re living in the kingdom of your house and that clothes castle is your home. Give your kid a crown or a tiara and watch them have the time of their life!


  1. Bubble Bath

This can be used as an alternative to the car wash idea. You will get a wide range of bubble bath salts in different smells and colors. So get a pack of them and mix them in your tiny one’s bath tub. He/she will have lots of fun with all those colorful bubbles!


  1. Scavenger hunt

Thanks to the rapid cognitive development, kids are super active, and they will love any activity that is adventurous. Hide random stuff everywhere in the house, and ask them to go on a scavenger hunt and reward them with treats later.


Kids may give you a hard time. There can be times where you’re tired of parenting, and that is completely fine. Just don’t give in to you bad temper. Distract them, use other methods such as reading books or comics with your kid to calm your child and yourself as well!

This is a guest post by Aradhana Pandey.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review

A few weeks ago, right in the middle of the summer, we went on a scavenger type hunt around our hometown Seattle called Urban Adventure Quest Seattle. We got a coupon code for this adventure compliments of Urban Adventure Quest but took a while to actually do this, and we are so happy we finally did!

I have always been excited about doing adventure quests, and I never really get to do them, so this quest has been long overdue on my bucket list, and I really wanted to experience it with the children. You can probably guess my most favorite show of all time that I have actually only watched two full seasons of – Amazing Race! Overall, I have been looking forward to getting to go on a Seattle Scavenger Hunt, and looking for Seattle Scavenger Hunt ideas before I have found this Urban Adventure Quest to do with my family – so exciting! Before you even start reading our recollections from the hunt, I have to tell you this hunt does not disappoint!

We have gone to New Orleans this past year, and I was wondering whether it would make sense to do an Urban Adventure Quest New Orleans when we were there instead of doing the hometown one, but I am glad we went with this one! If you are wondering why we did not do Urban Adventure Quest New Orleans – I have no answer for you, I think we just didn’t have a lot of time. This is overall my impression, at least based on doing Urban Adventure Quest Seattle – if you are only visiting a city for a few days, on a conference, a short family visit, or in passing, just driving through a place, I honestly don’t think that doing an Urban Adventure Quest would be a good thing for you to do. The reason for that is that in order to really take advantage of the quest, all of the clues, and puzzles, you have to give your attention to the questions, and try to resolve the riddles, instead of just sightseeing, which you can still do on the quest, but the quest does need quite a bit of your focus, so unless you are a quick puzzle solver, and you don’t particularly care about savoring the adventures and sightseeing, you could do this, but for my family, I would choose to only do another adventure quest if I have quite a bit of time to spend at a place, not just a few short days or a week. As we were doing the adventures with children who need many bathroom breaks, water, snacks, sometimes have tantrums because they are tired of walking or just sitting solving puzzles, the adventure actually took us the whole day vs 3-4 hours that were assigned for riddles and the quest, and this was for our hometown where we at least knew where to go for the most part. So, if you are going to a sunny spot with children for just a week, don’t bother with doing this scavenger hunt as it will possibly eat out a day out of your busy schedule and will take you away from your beach time. On the contrary, if you are visiting a place for a few weeks, the whole summer, have children who are bored out of their mind, definitely do an Urban Adventure Quest [insert your city], I think you will be pleasantly surprised! Now, buckle up, and read on to experience the whole adventure with us!

There are actually two urban adventure quests in Seattle, and I wasn’t sure for a long time which exact quest to pick. We actually got this code to use back last year, but our toddler was very little, and still in her terrible twos, so while we could have used it right away, I waited to be sure everyone was in the mood and shape to actually go through with it. Out of the two available quests we picked out the longer version this time around. I think that this was a great choice for starters! I love the areas that this longer version quest covers, and as we always hang out in these places anyway, I figured we would have no issue finding the clues, and figuring it all out, we are local after all!

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review

This longer urban adventure quest Seattle spans over several areas. It starts at Seattle Center which is the heart of Seattle happenings for all tourists out there. If you are coming to Seattle for just a few days, you have to go to Seattle Center as this is a fast way to experience a good touristy portion of Seattle you don’t want to miss. Seattle Center is home to the Space Needle that you might recall from “Sleepless in Seattle”, and is probably the number one destination is you are first time in Seattle.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - Seattle Space Needle

There is also a great number of attractions on the territory of Seattle Center that are for children, and that is why we always tend to hang out there. There is Seattle Children’s Theater that is one of the best in the country in terms of the level of acting you might expect, and performances are never difficult to get a seat for because there are just so many shows that they have. We usually hold a season pass as our children love their shows. There is Seattle Children’s Museum located on the ground or first floor of the Armory, that you have to visit if you have children aged between 2 to 7. This is probably the best age to enjoy this place, however, I have to say that children older and younger, as well as their parents always have fun in there as well. There is a lot to cover about this place, maybe for another post though. Lastly, for children, there is Seattle Science Center, and we also have a yearly membership, as this place is just too vast to be able to cover in one day. So, if you have a few days to spend in Seattle with kids, I would recommend spending possibly the whole day in Seattle Children’s Museum – they have special programming that is excellent that you should ask about when visiting. And another day should be spent in Seattle Science Center, but again, this is going to be another story – just a few tips for you if you are wondering what to do in Seattle with small children.

Are you ready for Urban Adventures in Seattle? How about Starting with some Coffee?

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review, having coffee in Armory at Seattle Center

Anyhow, we decided to start our adventure in Seattle with the Urban Adventure Quest Seattle at Seattle Center. We started almost bright and early at our favorite spot at the sticks, where we were dropped off, and which happens to be actually right adjacent to the preferred parking lot. We started doing short videos, and posting them on Instagram Stories, so if you were following along, you would know what happened, but those stories were not saved, so we didn’t actually do that many videos that we saved in the end, but read on to find out!

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review, having coffee in Armory at Seattle Center

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review, having coffee in Armory at Seattle Center

No day in Seattle, on any Urban Adventure, whether it is raining or sunshining, can go without Starbucks coffee for us, so this was our first stop on the adventure. We wanted to get some nourishment, and get ready for the whole day of adventures, so we visited a Starbucks at the Armory at Seattle Center. This is possibly one of the busiest locations ever, just based on the number of tourists that come to Seattle, and everyone always wants coffee. We ordered a few delicious hot and cold drinks, got ourselves energized, and started off with our adventure.

The first part of the adventure took place on the territory of the Seattle Center. Seattle Center Scavenger Hunt portion is actually quite simple, but does take some time to complete. The adventures are actually a number of riddles that have to be solved. You will be able to walk around the Seattle Center, find some clues on your way, and get acquainted with all of the spots that they have set up in Seattle Center. I thought that we knew Seattle Center through and through, but it actually took us quite a bit of effort to get through the challenges. They were not difficult, but still guessing the answers takes a bit of brain thinking, and with children tugging you every which way this can take a bit of time, so we ended up being busy with the challenges right up to lunch time.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - solving quest riddles

We ended up getting our lunch at Seattle Center in the Armory again, and it was quite impressive for me that there was actually so much to do right in this one area to occupy us, before we moved on, right until lunchtime.

There are quite a few options for lunch on the territory of Seattle Center, and I can recommend a few that I like. Inside the Armory, you will find plenty of seating, and can enjoy a variety of American meals from fast food restaurants. My favorites there are Eltana with different types of bagels including a delicious cream cheese and lox bagel. We also often order fries from a corner shop inside the Armory – there are delicious hot dogs you can pick up there as well for your picky eaters. Those fries come with parmesan, chili, and there are different types of fries you can have – sweet potato, original, curly fries. The sauces are delicious, and nourishing.

If you have a bit more time, and you are interested in experiencing delicious food Seattle has to offer, I would recommend Collections Cafe that you will definitely notice as you go through your Quest program, and the food in there is outstanding, and not too expensive. We often eat brunch there on the weekends, as it is simply excellent. You usually can get a seat there without any reservations, and it is definitely one of the best places that I would recommend to eat in Seattle as a tourist.

Once we have finished our lunch, we were on our way to get to the second destination of Urban Adventure Quest Seattle which brought us to downtown via Monorail. It is quite easy and possible to also walk to downtown Seattle area instead of using the Monorail, however, some of the quest questions are actually taking place in the building where the Monorail track brings you to, so it is honestly easier to take the Monorail to continue on the quest journey.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - Seattle Monorail

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - Monorail trip to downtown

Once we have arrived in downtown Seattle, this is where Urban Adventure Quest Seattle for us became more complicated, and we started facing real difficulties completing the questions. Sometimes it was hard to find the clues as they were on the ground that was covered with people, RVs with food or information kiosks right where the quest area was. Sometimes we were just not able to count correctly, or didn’t trust our instincts, We would rarely use the hints provided, however, sometimes because it was a hot day and we just wanted to keep on going we pulled the trigger to pass the questions we were not sure of.

Are you looking for Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Answers?

I am not going to be spilling any beans anywhere, or at least I will try not to, and without actually doing the quest you would not have any clue what I am talking about but we were eventually brought to the Pike Place Market, and that is where the quest became really difficult, Pike Place market scavenger hunt questions were the most challenging. Maybe that, or we are just generally bad at Math and Trivia with the kids.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - scavenger hunt hints

One of the most difficult questions was actually about the first Starbucks shop that is at Pike Place market, and that we ended up visiting in this quest as well. At that point it was around 3 pm, the Sun was getting to us, and the line to the shop was just so long. In order to complete the quest, there are actually a few questions that you would need to answer if you want to proceed further, and in order to answer them, you really need to sit down somewhere, preferably with a nice cup of cappuccino, possibly in Starbucks, and just really think, and even write a little. This Starbucks shop though is so busy, I have never actually even gone in there just because the line is so long, and it is kind of pointless standing there in my opinion for so long just to get the same coffee you get everywhere else. So, we decided to pass on the opportunity, and I sent the older kids with their phones to just go inside the shop and take a few pictures. We were looking for something that the quest requested, but the kids didn’t really know what to look for with all the people in there, so we they took some wrong pictures, and we just had to go with that.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - Starbucks shots

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - Starbucks shots

The Pike Place Market is also quite a tourist spot, there are many levels in the market, and it is best known for souvenirs, and fresh seafood that you can pick up, and watch how market vendors throw some fish around, and always catch it. This show you don’t want to miss.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - Seafood at Pike Place Market

So, ideally, if you are spending some time in Seattle, you might want to take a special day trip just to the Pike Place Market, have some Russian Piroshki, a coffee at Starbucks for breakfast. By the way, those Piroshki are better than they make them in Russia, I sure know as I have lived most of my life in Russia, and this shop is run by real Russians with their special homemade recipes, so you don’t want to miss this treat. We got a few sweet and savory piroshki on this trip, but I always get quite a few to eat there as these flavors are honestly pure memories for me. After that, you can watch how cheese is made and try some curds at the Beechers’ cheese shop. Then I recommend for you to walk around the market until lunch time, and grab some Pike Place chowder for a quick lunch, get some home to reheat as well, or you can get some lunch at one of Tom Douglas’s restaurants right next to the market as well.

At the Pike Place market there are a few riddles to do, and most of them were quite complex for us. We have sometimes stumbled with counting numbers, or just matching pictures. This one stumbled us a bit due to fresh graffiti on it.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - Pike Place Market graffiti

Once we have finished the tasks at the Pike Place Market, the next assignment was just a few blocks away, but we were rather tired at that point, and the kids started to squawk quite a bit, so the end of the urban scavenger hunt Seattle for clues was pretty much over at that point – I think this is where we started to have to pull some of the hints and tricks instead of actually solving the riddles.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - at Pike Place Market

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - at Pike Place Market

It was a day full of fun, and exciting activities, so here is my verdict: We loved the whole day of fun in Seattle with Urban Adventure Quest puzzles and clues, learning a lot more about all little bits of interesting spots and exciting memorable puzzles in the city, enjoying what tricks it has to offer, and learning a lot about the city as well! These adventure hunt challenges were a lot of fun!

Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt? What other popular scavenger hunts have you tried?

I am hoping to go on a new Seattle Scavenger hunt 2017 this summer, hopefully in about a week. Stay tuned for more Instagram stories! I am not sure if there is any other free Seattle Scavenger hunt that I could use, or if there is any paid hunt that I could use, but we are definitely doing another second scavenger hunt on Urban Adventure Quest, especially since there is a great discount code that we got at the end of the first quest just for finishing it!

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review - finishing the quest

When our day was over, we were quite tired, and settled down for a dinner of a seafood poutine at a local restaurant nearby.

Urban Adventure Quest Seattle Review

If you are interested in doing a similar quest in your own city, or when you are travelling, I highly recommend it, especially since we have a special discount code available for you –

Turn your city into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure. Combine the excitement of the Amazing Race with a three-hour city tour. Guided from any smart phone, teams make their way among well known and overlooked gems of the city, solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. Play anytime during daylight hours. Start when you want and play at your pace. Great Family Fun. Save 20%- Only $39.20 for a team of 2-5 people after Promotion – Urban Adventure Quest Discount Code – (drumroll!) FGCOUPON. Sign up online at

Do you have any other Seattle Scavenger hunt ideas for me? Let me know, share your adventure hunt tips in comments! Don’t forget to pick up your Urban Adventure Quest Discount Code here for your next adventure!



How to Participate in a Twitter Party – and Win Lots of Prizes

How to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes

A handy guide that will answer all of your questions about Twitter Parties


Hot to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes

I have started publishing Twitter Party Calendar on my blog last year, and I am posting daily reminders about coming up Twitter Parties as well, and sending them to my subscribers daily. Here are some of the questions that I see on my blog, and I will attempt to answer them in this post (long overdue – I know).

What is a Twitter Party?

How do I join?

What do I do at a Twitter Party?

Do I have to pay for these?

How long do these take?

Can I win prizes?

How do I win?

I have tried Twitter parties before, but I just don’t understand how they work…

I have participated, but they are so confusing, I cannot keep up…

I have done Twitter parties, but I never win anything…

What are these parties for exactly?

Phew, so many questions…. where do we start?

Are you on Twitter?

The very first thing you have to do if you want to participate in a Twitter party is set up a Twitter account if you don’t have one.

Setting up a Twitter account is very easy, and all you need is an idea for your username and have a photo handy that you would like to use for your account.

If you already have an account set up before you can skip through this part of the post to the next section.

There is a lot about Twitter that I could tell you but if you are going to use Twitter just for the parties, really all you need is opening your account, and using your main email to sign up for it.

The reason for that is that there are lots of prizes that you could win on Twitter, and you want to make sure that your prizes go to the right email address that you regularly use.

I know that when I sometimes participate in sweepstakes, I am often tempted to give a email or information that I don’t regularly use not to be spammed late on with incessant emails with product offers, but then you always risk not being able to catch that prize notification, so for you Twitter account be sure to use the one that you check regularly.

What else would you need to know about Twitter? If you want to learn more about Twitter, and start using it regularly, be sure to fill out your profile, use a good picture, and write a bit about yourself. It may seem like a waste of time but it may help you start a conversation faster in a Twitter party. Be sure to be authentic, and real.

If you are still wondering about the benefits of Twitter, and whether you need it, I am a self-proclaimed Twitter expert, and I tell you – just do it! Open up a Twitter account, and see how you like it, you might find that this network is a perfect one for you – I know it is for me!

Twitter has lots to offer by itself, and some day I will write a long post about it, but today we are going more into Twitter parties, so if you are ready – we are moving on!

Hot to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes - Are you on Twitter?

Intro to Twitter Parties

Ok, so you have your Twitter account ready to go, now what?

If you like sweeps just like I do, I recommend learning a little but about Twitter Parties and how you can participate.

Why are Twitter Parties important to you and relevant?

You can win lots of prizes! Often times, high value gift cards of cash! Other times – prize packs values at over $50 almost always.

Ok, are you still with me?

So, then, what is a Twitter party, and what is it about, other than the free goodies you might win?

You can learn a ton of information about new products, events, or products you are already using! You can get a perspective on how others are excited about a product or an event, and learn all of the features or background story you may never would have heard of otherwise!

Here are some examples!

I have participated in a lot of parties, and in some of them I have learned about new over the counter health products that I would never have heard of otherwise – xylitol is good for protecting your teeth from tooth decay, that’s a statement, but really why and how to use xylitol products I have only learned during a Twitter party.

I have celebrated holidays right on Twitter parties, and it is so much fun, as the moderators are always very excited, and will get you excited as well! If you have an hour to spare during the day, you will be so much better off socializing with real people in a Twitter party, than watching mindless TV as it is not at all interactive. We, as social creatures, tend to feel abandoned sometimes by society and friends, especially on holidays, and a Twitter party is a great way to meet new people, and learn from the experience of others, as well as have plain fun, and enjoy your day!

So, are you still lost about Twitter parties? What are they like?

Read on, my friend, all will be explained!

How to participate in a Twitter party

Twitter party basics

So, how do Twitter parties work exactly?

Twitter parties are usually organized around one central idea, event, or product.

A marketing company with a product maker sets up a Twitter party to get people excited about something new happening with their company.

A lot of the times the prizes given away are related to the product discussed.

A Twitter party is a great place to ask your questions, and find answers on your questions you may have as well.

Any given Twitter party has several moderators and cheerleaders, so to speak.

There is often a company member present as well, and those participants are great if you have specific product questions.

Each Twitter party has a certain flow to it, and prizes are often given away 3-4 times during the party, after each segment.

Twitter parties usually run for an hour, but there are some that run for 30 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the theme.

So, prizes are given away every 20 minutes, or at the beginning, middle, and the end of the party.

In order to win your prize you usually have to answer the questions, and participate in the discussion.

Sometimes there are pre-party prizes involved, and all you need to do is to RSVP with a tweet that you will be attending to be in the running.

The more you have to say, and the faster you respond to questions also matters sometimes.

In general, a Twitter party is like a room full of people where everyone is talking, and you have to follow a certain format to help Twitter party organizers understand what you are responding to.

For example, each Twitter party question will be most often marked as “Q1”, “Q2”, “Q3”, etc, and in order to answer a specific question you should start your responses with “A1”, “A2”, “A3” corresponding to the question asked.

In general again, if you are trying to participate in a Twitter party, you need to make sure that you are placing a hashtag related to this particular party into each of your responses. This is the only way the party participants will be able to follow what you are saying.

Another way to mark your specific party-related tweets is tagging party organizers, the brand, and some moderators you see who are participating in the party. Then you are striking a conversation, and your questions will always be answered.

How to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes - Twitter Party Basics

How do you succeed at a Twitter Party?

So, with all that in mind, how do you participate, if everyone is speaking at the same time?

You need to have your voice heard, so be sure to use the hashtags that are specific to the Twitter party you are participating in.

You also need to tune in to hear those questions yourself.

To do that you need to use special software where you can sort all the tweets in the twitterverse, and pick out only the ones with the hashtags.

Here are some apps that I have used and like – .Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Tweetchat.

The best one out of these three is Tweetchat in my opinion – you place the hashtag for the party you are attending, and you can follow the whole conversation without other distractions.

Recently I have actually been participating in a few parties just looking at the account of the chat hosts posting questions, and answering questions right in each question thread. I found it was easier for me and I was able to notice everyone’s questions/answers quicker.

A lot of the times in these apps there are too many retweets of questions that may clog up the stream, and make it go faster than you can possibly follow. If your goal is just to try to answer questions, you will want to see them from hosts posted, and might want to just miss the discussion part if you just want to win the prizes. If you do win, you will be tagged on Twitter, and notified by a message, so you will be able to notice, and you don’t need to worry about it.

How to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes - How do You Succeed at a Twitter Party

What are the best strategies to get the most out of a Twitter party? And win the most prizes?

Yes, we know – you have some reason why you are participating in a Twitter Party.

Now that you understand how to participate in a Twitter party, we are going to teach you how to be successful at it! The reason for that is because I consider myself a Twitter party expert! I publish a lot of information about Twitter parties, and am frequently hired by companies to assist them in setting up, organizing, and promoting various Twitter parties!

So, keep reading to see how to win great prizes at a Twitter party!

How to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes - Best Twitter Party Strategies

Strategy 1. Be prepared!

Each Twitter party has a special scenario of questions that are going to be discussed. Obviously, this falls into private business materials area where you don’t get to see the questions before the party actually takes place.

However, even tough you do not necessarily know what the party is going to be about, it doesn’t hurt to read the announcement for the party carefully! Often times, the party announcement will have some information that the company wants you to be excited about – whether that is a new product or event they are organizing!

Make sure you get prepared with the right hashtags to use for the right Twitter party. I know I learned this the hard way when I was reprimanded by a moderator when I was using a wrong hashtag one time for another party that was going on at the same time.

Yes, you can participate in several parties at the same time, BUT you have to be super prepared and organized!

When you know the hashtags, all participating people, and have read about the company, and what their message is for the party, you can start preparing a little bit more!

Maybe you have a photo of yourself or a product that is going to be discussed? Fish it out!

Maybe you like the product, have been using it for a while – why not take a selfie – takes you only a minute at most!

Maybe you have a before and after pictures? Or pictures with the product and your cute kids? Everyone enjoying some delicious samples? Be sure to have them all handy for the party, and share them as the party is unfolds!

In the end what the brands are looking for is authentic excitement, and if you are a great fan of the products already – don’t hide it, be honest about your interest, and you will see how much it means to the company organizers!

Strategy 2. Be quick!

Some of the Twitter parties I have participated in go on very quickly! Be sure to pay lots of attention for those numbered questions, and be ready with your hashtags to respond.

The way I do it, and that seems to work for me, is copy-pasting the hashtags and people/brand/company/moderator tags, and quickly typing up my responses to questions. I often end up being the first one to answer any given topic/question, and win the prize if there is a speed factor involved.

Strategy 3. Do you have any questions? Ask away!

The great part about Twitter parties is that most of the time there will be a brand representative present at the party, and sometimes even a medical professional or a field authority figure, and they will be able to answer your questions and any doubts or issues you may have! Maybe you need someone’s opinion or advice on the topic discussed? This is the place to be, and the time to ask away – everybody will be very helpful, and would love to share their opinions with you on issues you might not be able to find quick answers otherwise!

One of the new areas of my expertise now are avocados. I have written a post with the best avocado recipes before on this blog, but after participating in many Avocado featuring Twitter Parties, now I have a whole arsenal of tips and tricks of how to deal with avocados, what they are best with, and what special ingredients one could possibly add to a guacamole recipe – and that list is long. So much knowledge that I have learned! All because I or someone else asked lots of questions, and someone was there to provide great educational answers!

Strategy 4. Share an insightful comment!

Being prepared for the party really means studying the topic thoroughly, and being prepared to share your knowledge!

Company representatives will sometimes reward participants with a particularly interesting answer or someone who has special knowledge, and is ready to share their ideas. In a Twitter party, you don’t have time to look things up, everything is happening very quickly, and you cannot find answers to questions quickly enough to be timely. If you know something over and above the information that is being shared, be sure to tweet it away!

In Conclusion

In order to succeed at a Twitter party, and win prizes, first of all you have to participate! Sometimes all you need to start is a simple RSVP! Then, mark the assigned time for the party in your calendar, and follow the hashtag. Once the questions start coming, be sure to respond promptly, and share some insightful comments, ask questions, engage with other participants, and share your wisdom about the subject of the Twitter party you are in. If you are active and helpful, you have a great chance to win prizes, but even if you don’t win, I guarantee you will have a great mood for the rest of the day, if not a week! If you have a spare 40 minutes of your day to 1 hour, and you are upset about something in your life, put your worries aside, get your party hat on, and enjoy the hour – I guarantee this will be a time well spent, you will learn a great deal, have fun, and mingle with new friends that share the same interests as you – you will be gaining everything to brighten up your day! So, now here is your task – check out our Twitter party calendar we publish on Box Roundup, and follow us on social media to get updates about upcoming parties in our daily Twitter party roundups!


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