How to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes

A handy guide that will answer all of your questions about Twitter Parties


Hot to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes

I have started publishing Twitter Party Calendar on my blog last year, and I am posting daily reminders about coming up Twitter Parties as well, and sending them to my subscribers daily. Here are some of the questions that I see on my blog, and I will attempt to answer them in this post (long overdue – I know).

What is a Twitter Party?

How do I join?

What do I do at a Twitter Party?

Do I have to pay for these?

How long do these take?

Can I win prizes?

How do I win?

I have tried Twitter parties before, but I just don’t understand how they work…

I have participated, but they are so confusing, I cannot keep up…

I have done Twitter parties, but I never win anything…

What are these parties for exactly?

Phew, so many questions…. where do we start?

Are you on Twitter?

The very first thing you have to do if you want to participate in a Twitter party is set up a Twitter account if you don’t have one.

Setting up a Twitter account is very easy, and all you need is an idea for your username and have a photo handy that you would like to use for your account.

If you already have an account set up before you can skip through this part of the post to the next section.

There is a lot about Twitter that I could tell you but if you are going to use Twitter just for the parties, really all you need is opening your account, and using your main email to sign up for it.

The reason for that is that there are lots of prizes that you could win on Twitter, and you want to make sure that your prizes go to the right email address that you regularly use.

I know that when I sometimes participate in sweepstakes, I am often tempted to give a email or information that I don’t regularly use not to be spammed late on with incessant emails with product offers, but then you always risk not being able to catch that prize notification, so for you Twitter account be sure to use the one that you check regularly.

What else would you need to know about Twitter? If you want to learn more about Twitter, and start using it regularly, be sure to fill out your profile, use a good picture, and write a bit about yourself. It may seem like a waste of time but it may help you start a conversation faster in a Twitter party. Be sure to be authentic, and real.

If you are still wondering about the benefits of Twitter, and whether you need it, I am a self-proclaimed Twitter expert, and I tell you – just do it! Open up a Twitter account, and see how you like it, you might find that this network is a perfect one for you – I know it is for me!

Twitter has lots to offer by itself, and some day I will write a long post about it, but today we are going more into Twitter parties, so if you are ready – we are moving on!

Hot to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes - Are you on Twitter?

Intro to Twitter Parties

Ok, so you have your Twitter account ready to go, now what?

If you like sweeps just like I do, I recommend learning a little but about Twitter Parties and how you can participate.

Why are Twitter Parties important to you and relevant?

You can win lots of prizes! Often times, high value gift cards of cash! Other times – prize packs values at over $50 almost always.

Ok, are you still with me?

So, then, what is a Twitter party, and what is it about, other than the free goodies you might win?

You can learn a ton of information about new products, events, or products you are already using! You can get a perspective on how others are excited about a product or an event, and learn all of the features or background story you may never would have heard of otherwise!

Here are some examples!

I have participated in a lot of parties, and in some of them I have learned about new over the counter health products that I would never have heard of otherwise – xylitol is good for protecting your teeth from tooth decay, that’s a statement, but really why and how to use xylitol products I have only learned during a Twitter party.

I have celebrated holidays right on Twitter parties, and it is so much fun, as the moderators are always very excited, and will get you excited as well! If you have an hour to spare during the day, you will be so much better off socializing with real people in a Twitter party, than watching mindless TV as it is not at all interactive. We, as social creatures, tend to feel abandoned sometimes by society and friends, especially on holidays, and a Twitter party is a great way to meet new people, and learn from the experience of others, as well as have plain fun, and enjoy your day!

So, are you still lost about Twitter parties? What are they like?

Read on, my friend, all will be explained!

How to participate in a Twitter party

Twitter party basics

So, how do Twitter parties work exactly?

Twitter parties are usually organized around one central idea, event, or product.

A marketing company with a product maker sets up a Twitter party to get people excited about something new happening with their company.

A lot of the times the prizes given away are related to the product discussed.

A Twitter party is a great place to ask your questions, and find answers on your questions you may have as well.

Any given Twitter party has several moderators and cheerleaders, so to speak.

There is often a company member present as well, and those participants are great if you have specific product questions.

Each Twitter party has a certain flow to it, and prizes are often given away 3-4 times during the party, after each segment.

Twitter parties usually run for an hour, but there are some that run for 30 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the theme.

So, prizes are given away every 20 minutes, or at the beginning, middle, and the end of the party.

In order to win your prize you usually have to answer the questions, and participate in the discussion.

Sometimes there are pre-party prizes involved, and all you need to do is to RSVP with a tweet that you will be attending to be in the running.

The more you have to say, and the faster you respond to questions also matters sometimes.

In general, a Twitter party is like a room full of people where everyone is talking, and you have to follow a certain format to help Twitter party organizers understand what you are responding to.

For example, each Twitter party question will be most often marked as “Q1”, “Q2”, “Q3”, etc, and in order to answer a specific question you should start your responses with “A1”, “A2”, “A3” corresponding to the question asked.

In general again, if you are trying to participate in a Twitter party, you need to make sure that you are placing a hashtag related to this particular party into each of your responses. This is the only way the party participants will be able to follow what you are saying.

Another way to mark your specific party-related tweets is tagging party organizers, the brand, and some moderators you see who are participating in the party. Then you are striking a conversation, and your questions will always be answered.

How to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes - Twitter Party Basics

How do you succeed at a Twitter Party?

So, with all that in mind, how do you participate, if everyone is speaking at the same time?

You need to have your voice heard, so be sure to use the hashtags that are specific to the Twitter party you are participating in.

You also need to tune in to hear those questions yourself.

To do that you need to use special software where you can sort all the tweets in the twitterverse, and pick out only the ones with the hashtags.

Here are some apps that I have used and like – .Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Tweetchat.

The best one out of these three is Tweetchat in my opinion – you place the hashtag for the party you are attending, and you can follow the whole conversation without other distractions.

Recently I have actually been participating in a few parties just looking at the account of the chat hosts posting questions, and answering questions right in each question thread. I found it was easier for me and I was able to notice everyone’s questions/answers quicker.

A lot of the times in these apps there are too many retweets of questions that may clog up the stream, and make it go faster than you can possibly follow. If your goal is just to try to answer questions, you will want to see them from hosts posted, and might want to just miss the discussion part if you just want to win the prizes. If you do win, you will be tagged on Twitter, and notified by a message, so you will be able to notice, and you don’t need to worry about it.

How to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes - How do You Succeed at a Twitter Party

What are the best strategies to get the most out of a Twitter party? And win the most prizes?

Yes, we know – you have some reason why you are participating in a Twitter Party.

Now that you understand how to participate in a Twitter party, we are going to teach you how to be successful at it! The reason for that is because I consider myself a Twitter party expert! I publish a lot of information about Twitter parties, and am frequently hired by companies to assist them in setting up, organizing, and promoting various Twitter parties!

So, keep reading to see how to win great prizes at a Twitter party!

How to Participate in a Twitter Party and Win Lots of Prizes - Best Twitter Party Strategies

Strategy 1. Be prepared!

Each Twitter party has a special scenario of questions that are going to be discussed. Obviously, this falls into private business materials area where you don’t get to see the questions before the party actually takes place.

However, even tough you do not necessarily know what the party is going to be about, it doesn’t hurt to read the announcement for the party carefully! Often times, the party announcement will have some information that the company wants you to be excited about – whether that is a new product or event they are organizing!

Make sure you get prepared with the right hashtags to use for the right Twitter party. I know I learned this the hard way when I was reprimanded by a moderator when I was using a wrong hashtag one time for another party that was going on at the same time.

Yes, you can participate in several parties at the same time, BUT you have to be super prepared and organized!

When you know the hashtags, all participating people, and have read about the company, and what their message is for the party, you can start preparing a little bit more!

Maybe you have a photo of yourself or a product that is going to be discussed? Fish it out!

Maybe you like the product, have been using it for a while – why not take a selfie – takes you only a minute at most!

Maybe you have a before and after pictures? Or pictures with the product and your cute kids? Everyone enjoying some delicious samples? Be sure to have them all handy for the party, and share them as the party is unfolds!

In the end what the brands are looking for is authentic excitement, and if you are a great fan of the products already – don’t hide it, be honest about your interest, and you will see how much it means to the company organizers!

Strategy 2. Be quick!

Some of the Twitter parties I have participated in go on very quickly! Be sure to pay lots of attention for those numbered questions, and be ready with your hashtags to respond.

The way I do it, and that seems to work for me, is copy-pasting the hashtags and people/brand/company/moderator tags, and quickly typing up my responses to questions. I often end up being the first one to answer any given topic/question, and win the prize if there is a speed factor involved.

Strategy 3. Do you have any questions? Ask away!

The great part about Twitter parties is that most of the time there will be a brand representative present at the party, and sometimes even a medical professional or a field authority figure, and they will be able to answer your questions and any doubts or issues you may have! Maybe you need someone’s opinion or advice on the topic discussed? This is the place to be, and the time to ask away – everybody will be very helpful, and would love to share their opinions with you on issues you might not be able to find quick answers otherwise!

One of the new areas of my expertise now are avocados. I have written a post with the best avocado recipes before on this blog, but after participating in many Avocado featuring Twitter Parties, now I have a whole arsenal of tips and tricks of how to deal with avocados, what they are best with, and what special ingredients one could possibly add to a guacamole recipe – and that list is long. So much knowledge that I have learned! All because I or someone else asked lots of questions, and someone was there to provide great educational answers!

Strategy 4. Share an insightful comment!

Being prepared for the party really means studying the topic thoroughly, and being prepared to share your knowledge!

Company representatives will sometimes reward participants with a particularly interesting answer or someone who has special knowledge, and is ready to share their ideas. In a Twitter party, you don’t have time to look things up, everything is happening very quickly, and you cannot find answers to questions quickly enough to be timely. If you know something over and above the information that is being shared, be sure to tweet it away!

In Conclusion

In order to succeed at a Twitter party, and win prizes, first of all you have to participate! Sometimes all you need to start is a simple RSVP! Then, mark the assigned time for the party in your calendar, and follow the hashtag. Once the questions start coming, be sure to respond promptly, and share some insightful comments, ask questions, engage with other participants, and share your wisdom about the subject of the Twitter party you are in. If you are active and helpful, you have a great chance to win prizes, but even if you don’t win, I guarantee you will have a great mood for the rest of the day, if not a week! If you have a spare 40 minutes of your day to 1 hour, and you are upset about something in your life, put your worries aside, get your party hat on, and enjoy the hour – I guarantee this will be a time well spent, you will learn a great deal, have fun, and mingle with new friends that share the same interests as you – you will be gaining everything to brighten up your day! So, now here is your task – check out our Twitter party calendar we publish on Box Roundup, and follow us on social media to get updates about upcoming parties in our daily Twitter party roundups!


If you are looking into setting up a Twitter party for your company, contact us if you are need help putting a Twitter party together, looking for a Twitter party host, or a Twitter part panelist. We have set up and participated in regular Twitter parties, and can assist you with all types of needs – contact us at






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