5 Super Easy Back-to-School Lunches for Kids You Can Make Even on a Busy Day

Well, we are in the very middle of the summer vacations now for our kids, and every day what my goal is is to make sure that my children are having fun, learning, and experiencing the best of summer. At the same time, I am starting to think about the time when they are back to school, and the fact that we need to pack more lunches for them than we usually do, and to be honest, this thought is sometimes scaring me out. So I thought, how do I come up with 5 super easy back-to-school lunches for kids that anyone can make even on a busy day? This is what I want to write about today…

Don’t those fancy bento box lunches intimidate you sometimes? I have already written about bento box lunches before – I found 14 options of recipes for bento box lunches. Can you imagine though yourself actually making sushi faces with the meticulousness every day of the week? Even one day of the week? That is why I thought today I need to come up with a simpler list!

I have to say, when you are packing the kids’ lunch, there are a few options right off the bat there – you can make the kids pack their own lunch, and make sure they are getting what they want in there in the first place – then you don’t need to worry about them tossing the sandwich you make, or trading it for that fruit rollup. If you can’t get them to pack their own lunch, you could also try simply asking them what they want, and then making that. While they will not necessarily be getting the best nutrition that way, at least you know there is a higher possibility they’ll eat the food.

Now, if you have tried those two options already, and have exhausted them, check out these recipes below – once you see them, you will know what I mean – just a little bit of imagination is all you really need to break through that flat sandwich option boxed thinking you’ve got. We truly have found possibly the easiest options that will get your kids to enjoy their lunch while at school.

Veggie Tortilla Wraps - Easy School Lunch Recipes - ... -

Veggie Tortilla Wraps – Easy School Lunch Recipes – … –

What an awesome recipe – we always have tortillas on hand, and this way your kids will get more veggies in their lunch!

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school lunch -

school lunch –

Look at these cute cheese cutouts! Yummy bears! All you have to do is cut the food into cute shapes – you are done!

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Pack a cool school lunch with @PackItCool, @PrecidioDesign, Napkids and a new easy !

Pack a cool school lunch with @PackItCool, @PrecidioDesign, Napkids and a new easy !

I love the idea of adding notes in your kids\’ lunches!

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Back to School Lunch Ideas: Gluten Free Veggie Pasta Salad -

Back to School Lunch Ideas: Gluten Free Veggie Pasta Salad –

I love how you can serve a pasta salad cold! You can\’t really pack something to be reheated for a school lunch, and if you have no thermos on hand, this is the way to go!

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School Lunch Ideas -

School Lunch Ideas –

The first time I have used Lunchables for my kids I felt a bit guilty – and I grabbed it to have for my kids on one of those crazy busy days, but now I have no remorse. Those lunches are budget-friendly, and my kids honestly love them! I have no issues about giving them good quality ham and cheese, and even sneaking in a treat and a pouch of juice in those once in a while!

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See, I told you it was going to be a simple list. No, it’s not an advertisement for Lunchables but you should know they are out there if you need a hand, and they come in different brand names, it’s just that in our house we call them lunchables now.

If you are reading this post, please, leave me a comment about what you would consider packing as lunch for yourself and/or your children, maybe you can give us a few hints and ideas in addition to what we have listed here that works for you, and that is easy and quick to make, and can give your children or yourself that healthy lunch calories.

So, hopefully you are all set, and the anxiety before the start of the year is gone. Although I doubt the anxiety is really resolved just through my small post, and often times the anxiety is really not so much about what to pack for lunch, but how do we make sure we can afford lunch for our kids? This is so sad that so many people now are struggling with just getting food on the table for children. We want to help out for at least 2 people. We have a giveaway starting now that you can participate in and have that chance to get that cash you need for either lunches or whatever you need.

Back to School Giveaway

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  1. I’m a grandma now who packed lunches every day for my four sons growing up. I just packed either a sandwich, peanut butter and jelly, salami or ham or turkey, fruit or vegetables and dip, some type of snack and string cheese. (protein, dairy, fruit and vegetable and grain) On occasion I would buy lunchables which they LOVED! But I often couldn’t afford them so it was really a treat for them

  2. Im curious how the bonus entries work? Example “Leave a comment or tag a friend for 5 Bonus entries.” – Since these are not actually “IN” the Rafflecopter system, how are they counted or picked?

  3. Thank you for a question – valid point. When you have commented on Instagram, or when you have tagged your friend, you may click that you have completed the entry, and then you will be rewarded your 5 points. We verify all entries when the winner is picked. Hope this answers your question, or otherwise let me know how we can help, of you can contact the host of this giveaway – Full Lives Reviews blog for more details as that’s the blog that is responsible for verifying the winner.