Winter is Coming – Is Your House Winterized?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

This year one of the tasks for us is to try to stay on top of our house maintenance concerns, and work on creating some savings to help our budget, wasting less. We have older windows, and every year it feels like there is a good amount of breeze coming through the windows. I can just imagine how much money we are wasting every year to heat the house with this kind of problem. Some people might not even realize it, but their home probably needs weatherization. In fact, almost 2/3 of Americans live in a home that needs it. Winter in Coming - Is Your House Winterized? We have decided to start this weekend insulating the window outdoors. We got a Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Insulation Kit, and started application outside. We will be doing all of the windows inside and all the windows we can reach outside. Winter in Coming - Is Your House Winterized? I have commissioned my husband to work on this project. He is generally better with house projects, and he told me that he actually used a similar kit before. Years ago he worked on insulating his house he rented when he was a University student. Back then they had to put together their own kits. The idea of it was the same back then, but putting a kit like that requires a lot more time, and the quality of materials was not the same as Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Insulation Kit came with. Winter in Coming - Is Your House Winterized? My husband was amazed with the quality of the kit he got to use. He was surprised to see that the film already had a pre-taped edge, so it was so easy to apply it. Winter in Coming - Is Your House Winterized? Unfolding the film was also extremely quick and easy, nothing got messed up, or tangled up like any regular plastic wrap would. Winter in Coming - Is Your House Winterized? It was nice that the length of the film was perfect for our window. Winter in Coming - Is Your House Winterized? The double-sided tape supplied was of excellent quality, much better than what my husband bought in the past. I watched my husband and took some pictures as he worked on the window. Winter in Coming - Is Your House Winterized? I was honestly impressed how simple the whole process was to complete, and now that I know the technique, I know I can do any window myself. Winter in Coming - Is Your House Winterized? Now that I have windows insulated, I know I will enjoy my winter in this house more, as I will stay warm and comfortable, and won’t need to worry about energy costs so much as I know I am keeping my home insulated properly. Winter in Coming - Is Your House Winterized? How are you going to save energy with your house this winter? Share your tips in the comments!

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  1. I wrap the outdoor faucets with cloth and then put a plastic bag over that and Duck tape it in place, it lasts until the warmer temperatures return.

  2. We are always looking for new ways to conserve energy – we will be keeping an eye out for drafts and try to seal up the windows. Always hard in an older house!

  3. My house (and heating bill) would really benefit from weatherization. I can already feel cold air coming in, and winter isn’t even here yet!

  4. We keep the heat a bit low, and wear warm. cozy clothes. I close the registers in the guest room,when we are not using it. We winterize as much as possible, and let the sun in 🙂 A sunny window really warms a room up.

  5. We always insulate our windows when it gets cold but I don’t think we’ve ever tried Duck brand.
    I know when you do it right, it makes such a HUGE difference.

  6. Me too! I live in an old house and can feel the cold draft coming through the cracks along the window

  7. I really need this for my living room I feel a draft from my front window and it makes it so cold! Chicago is so cold this time of the year.

  8. wow i just actually now learned ho to do it right way. i never knewabout the hair dryer thing lol. this iwll help!