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Well, that dreaded day may be arriving soon. You have a group of friends that you want to have a party with, go out somewhere, but everyone has different tastes, diets and preferences. How would you ever be able to put a party together if you have many food restrictions and dietary limitations that you friends have to adhere to? and their app have come to rescue – there is a way now to specify different dietary preferences, avoidances, likes/dislikes, and allergies in an app and on a platform of Selectivor to be able to plan for any group and occasion.

Let’s say you have a party to set up. In order to use Selectivor (, all you need to do is knowing who is coming to the party, and what their food preferences are, and you can input that into a system that will give you 3 master lists of what your group is allowed to eat, maybe allowed to eat, and what they cannot eat at all. That way, when you are planning a menu, you will be able to satisfy not only everyone’s cravings, but also dietary needs and limitations.

With us, not just among our friends, but even in our family we have certain tastes, likes/dislikes, intolerances and allergies. Whenever we are going out or setting up a party at home, this is always an issue. What ingredients do we need to put together a menu that will suit everyone’s tastes and food restrictions. What is appropriate to eat for out diets? What can we order that will allow us not to have to cheat every time we are having a gathering, and are forced to break our diet when we are only offered foods that are not good for us, and only appeal to our cravings?

How We Celebrated a Birthday Party with Selectivor

With Selectivor I was able to plan our recent birthday party outing where we looked on our list of foods to eat before ordering, and also requested to change a few items on the menu to be able to stay within our list of what was allowed.

How to Plan a Party If You Have Allergies and Food Intolerance

We ended up ordering a charcuterie platter with lots of cured meats and cheeses to go along with the Keto diet that we are trying to stay on.

How to Plan a Party If You Have Allergies and Food Intolerance

For dessert we were lucky enough to order a huge shareable dish and enjoy each others company without worrying about anyone getting sick or uncomfortable. We knew what everyone was able to eat, and we were confident that everyone was happy about what they got.

What is Selectivor?

Here is a video from Selectivor – what a cute cartoon to show what exactly Selectivor is used for –

How to Use Selectivor When you Need to Plan a Party If You Have Allergies and Food Intolerance

Here is my own video where I show how I can use Selectivor to set up profiles for our family friends, and then set up group events, and how it can help me with setting up a menu for our event.

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