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My husband and I often find difficulties going out and finding time for ourselves – just to enjoy each other. We have three children, and most of our activities always revolve around children – we take them outdoors, to their extracurricular exercising, various groups and friends. While we enjoy and love dining out, we rarely go out by ourselves. Part of the reason is how expensive it can be – we would have to hire a nanny, and one restaurant date can quickly tank our budget which is already really not that affordable as it is.

We do go out once in a while, and it has been a really long while since getting our latest family addition when we actually went out, and spent the night just the two of us. One time we put the children in a parents’ night out in a group nearby, and then went out to a restaurant for a dinner reservation, just to get a call back during out appetizers that the parent night out is actually cancelled as there just weren’t enough children there. That is the story of our night outs!

Bearing that in mind, I know how important it is for us to connect, and just do grown-up stuff without having our children always around. I am sure you will relate! One of the opportunities is usually in the evenings. We do go to bed late compared to our children, and we like to just spend evenings doing our thing – me blogging, and my husband working on a few of his own projects. We sit at opposite desks, and while we are together, we are not always focused on each other at all times, but rather on the tasks at hand that we are doing.

Today is a special occasion though – it is the Valentine’s Day! I don’t always want to go for a dinner night out with my husband as I do think this holiday is somewhat commercialized, and, if anything, is promoting higher restaurant prices, and ways to get everyone to go out and spend, spend, spend. We are always easy on gifts with my husband, and we do not follow the traditions of getting expensive rings or a sea of flowers for every St.Valentine’s Day.

So, what can a couple like us do for this holiday! Hey, I think you guessed it! We got a new subscription box that is made specially for couples that helps with a date night in! This box is called Crated With Love, and is one of the cutest boxes I have ever seen!

It arrived to use a few days ago, and we have finally opened it to enjoy it! It has so much to offer! This boxed was truly Crated With Love in mind!

One of the most exciting things about a subscription box is the anticipation! What is going to be in it? This box is full of little surprises that do not disappoint!

One of the surprises was my new favorite recipe! I have made a delicious red beetroot hummus dip to enjoy today, and this dip is just so easy to make, and is so delicious! This is the first time I have made a homemade hummus dip, and I was a bit apprehensive, if you know me when I am trying a new recipe, but it worked out marvelously!

I love the flavors, the textures, and the taste, of course! I did change it up a bit – I have used fresh boiled beets instead of a can of baby beetroots, and I also doubled the garlic! Now that might not be for everyone since it is for a date night, but this is what I did – I love garlic!

This beautiful recipe is just one of the amazing items that I got in the box, and the recipe is a keeper! This box has been put together with so much care – I am amazed how much thought has gone into each item included! This box will help you create a great date night with your partner to help focus on the two of you, and give you a memorable experience where you can discuss each other, your relationship, play cute games, and help you express your love to each other through re-connecting.

Are you looking for an opportunity for a date night in that is inexpensive but that you could quickly prepare for at home? Then Crated With Love Box is for you to try out! Here is some information on how this box has started:

Each Crated with Love date night package is custom designed by Crated with Love CEO Tyler and his wife, Michelle. Together they design, test and finalize each month’s package, with Michelle tapping her expertise in marriage and family therapy to infuse smart, inspiring activities that are both fun and strengthening for couples. 

Crated with Love is a perfect date night option for after the little ones go to bed!

Couples that have quality “couple time” together at least once a month are over 4 times more likely to classify their relationship as “Very Happy” (National Marriage Project). Crated with Love helps by offering a moment every month to reconnect with each other, inspiring fun and laughter while strengthening your relationship. 

So, what is in the box exactly? There are items in the box that fall into three categories. The first one is the date activity that is the main idea and topic or theme for the date. The date theme follows the seasonality of the box, and binds the items together. The items that are in the box will help you to quickly set up the date night. There are games included in the box that correspond to the idea and the theme, and complement each other for an amazing experience. When were you ever entertained like that in a restaurant during your usual date – never! The box also includes items that have been provided by the sponsoring host for each box, and lets you sample premium products that you may never have found on your own – these are hand-picked by the box creators. Another favorite aspect of the box that I have shown above are the recipe cards contributed by Healthy Pears that will help you create a new family favorite dish with every box.

This box retails for $19.99 per month, and you would be getting a new box every month with hand-picked items! There are many different subscription option where you can subscribe for a past box to try it out, get a monthly subscription for six month or a year – you can choose an option that is more suitable for your family. This rate is so inexpensive for some quality time with your partner – the babysitting, the restaurant bills, the movie or concert tickets – the amount of money you usually spend on one date can pretty much give you a year full of boxes if not two, so this is an amazing rate! But it gets even better – read on!

Are you ready for a great discount for this box?

Receive 50% off your first box using DATE2017, 60% off first box of a three month or six month, and 80% off first box of one year. This discount is valid for subscription options only.

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