Dacobots e-learning platform

If you have a toddler like I do, it is quite possible that your toddler, just like mine, is able to play on any device by swiping fingers, dragging objects, and even using a mouse, or a mousepad like mine does. This is the new reality. 2 year olds are able to understand and use technology, and love gaming and learning from a very early age. We have a variety of educational games for our kids, and this is what we try to provide them with, first and foremost, to let them learn while they play – they won’t even notice.

I have got to try a new online platform with my kids called the Dacobots. It is an interesting site where anyone can become a member, and can provide their kids with opportunities to expand their knowledge in Math, Health, Sciences, Language, History, and Art.

The membership on the site costs less than 5 Euros per month, and will be a well worth it investment! The material that the website covers is similar to many homeschooling programs I have seen, and is presented in such a fun way on the site! I think the programs and games can be used both for homeschooling, as well as supplementing and reinforcing knowledge for the kids.Dacobots e-learning platform

We had our 2 year old actually playing lots of games from the site that are geared towards Kindergarten students – she was able to understand what was asked, and loved the games! She practiced sorting objects by season, learned to dress a bunny appropriately for the weather, counted snowflakes, sorted fruits, learned a lot about different seasons, played puzzles, and matching games. She absolutely loved this platform, and all the learning and gaming options!

Dacobots e-learning platform

The idea behind this whole course is the robots that are guiding you through the tasks, explaining what needs to be done. There are five different robots that are there to make it easier for the kids, and more fun to go through the challenges. Our kids see and experience so many different robots in their daily life – they have toy robots, they see robots everywhere, and these man-made creatures are always intriguing, and inspiring to learn and discover more! It is great to see robots leading the kids ahead in their learning – this generation of kids will be growing up with robots everywhere, it is great to get them started with this futuristic looking platform!

This platform is still developing. Now they have levels for K, 3, and 5th Grades available. We have so far tried Grade K level, and I feel the games are appropriate for the kids of this age. I have homeschooled my 2 kids at Grade K level, and I remember the programs they were following, and I think this would have been an awesome addition! Kids love to learn on computers, and it makes it easier for them to learn as they don’t even know or notice they are actually learning!

I recommend this platform if you are considering getting a summer program for your kids, or just to give them a chance to play and learn at the same time – what a great way¬†to get their education through gaming! Definitely not boring! Our toddler wouldn’t stop playing these games, and practiced so many skills – I couldn’t believe the variety and the fun that comes with it.

What I also found was that the games practiced different skill sets that you would typically find in workbooks for kids. I am a huge proponent of rote learning, however, logical and critical thinking are a lot more important, and I believe these games in Dacobots teach children in a more effective way by training their brain to think logically and strategically, making inferences and logical assumptions. How do you sort by season based on what you know? How do you associate parts with the whole?

Dacobots e-learning platform

Learning life skills is another important stepping stone for little kids of Kindergarten and Pre-K ages. This is what our toddler is mostly working on. How do you get dressed for the right weather outside? How do you learn various terms that surround you in everyday life, and understand what various objects are used for? How do you comprehend nature phenomena at this early age?

All of the material is accompanied by effective and fun games, explanations, objectives, so parents can determine what to recommend to the child to play, based on what the child is working on in their learning program. Beautiful art in the games helps to create stunning visuals that make learning a lot of fun!

Check out Dacobots for supplementing homeschooling lessons, or just for fun – this is the platform to use for your kids’ e-learning!

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