This year our baby is just starting to notice what is going on around her, and being more aware of holidays and celebrations. We are always having a great holiday celebration for Christmas, and we love to go to caroling concerts, celebrate with rides, hot chocolate, holiday Santa meetings and sightings, and try to make it really fun for our kids.

So this year we started our seasonal celebrations with getting a Package from Santa. My middle daughter decided to present it to the little one, and we started with getting an actual letter from Santa for the little girl. The letter included a written note, a diploma showing that our baby is on the nice list, and two beautiful poster type pictures as well. I am not sure if the baby actually understood everything in the letter, but she certainly listened to the letter attentively, and liked the posters as well.

I have taped them on video for memories – I love those little moments, and it will be such a great keepsake to have for when the baby grows up – we will always remember her third Christmas!

Here is our video – enjoy, and check out the Package from Santa – it is a great new tradition that we have started this year, and I think the baby will be delighted to get these every year!

I think this year my middle daughter was more excited to do this activity, and wanted to read it to the little one. I think it is a great activity to do with your kids to create a new family tradition. Kids love Santa’s attention, and a personalized package he sends!

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Package from Santa

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