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One thing that we value in our family above and beyond everything else is our kids. We try to plan our days around their needs, and mostly trying our best to keep them happy, engaged, and involved with interesting things to do.

I find that parents are probably the most important resources for children to help them get a good grounding in life, to teach them good values and what’s important. It is both our responsibility, and a fun task to have – we need to do our best to give good childhood opportunities to our children, as much as we can.

We don’t really see our children for the most part of the day though. They spend a lot of their days at school, and then come home late, and mostly spend time doing homework. Most of our parenting happens in the evening, and on the weekends. So, while we have that task of ensuring that our children receive opportunity to grow and develop, we can only impact some of the hours of their day. The time they spend in schools and after school activities is when they are under the authority of someone else, yet we need to make sure we are still helping them to use their time to learn and grow, engage in meaningful activities.

Ensuring that our children receive those opportunities is engaging them in great after school programs, and activities during their breaks so that they get to be challenged, develop new interests, and learn to socialize with their peers outside of school environment, in a positive way.

One way to provide this positive, caring atmosphere for children is engaging them in Boys & Girls Clubs. This organizations provides a way to engage school-aged children in different programs and learning activities that are fun, affordable and help to create a safe place where learning and development are the core goals. Many communities have those clubs, and in total 4 million kids attend activities at over 4300 clubs locations. Are you wondering if your community has one or a few nearby? Check for more information at

I love how open this organization is to ensure nobody is excluded. Parents come from all walks of life, and are happy to find that their children can be in a safe environment, with caring staff interested in helping students reach academic success, obtain healthy lifestyle, and train character, prepare for independent life as leaders.

There are many ingredients that are put together to help children grow, and advance. It is great that Boys & Girls Clubs strive to work on improving the mind, training the body, and enriching the soul of young children who attend the clubs. It’s so important to establish healthy food habits in the young generation, developing smart choices leading to healthy lifestyle.

Boys & Girls Clubs developed a Triple Play program in cooperation with the Anthem Foundation and the Coca-Cola Company where activities are focused on mind, body and soul. This particular program provides children with the tools to help them build their future the right way, focusing on health and wellness as goals.

Another wonderful opportunity that Boys & Girls Clubs provide are activities for children during school breaks. We are not always able to take a full vacation during those weeks when children are out of school, and these clubs provide an enriching program that help to keep children stay on track with their academic progress, and help them stay active and healthy. I am always looking for summer camps with an engaging program promoting great and healthy habits, I am happy that I can bring my children to Boys & Girls Clubs!

I am often so impressed with the programs that are offered by these types of well-organized clubs, I try to create a motivating and healthy environment at home, and set up activities that can keep my children following healthy habits are routines. They help me with meal preparations, and I teach them habits of eating in moderation. Today there are so many temptations, and our budgets allow us to buy practically anything in a grocery store, but we always have to be mindful of how healthy the food is, what it is made of, and whether that’s the right nutrition for us to follow.

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

This weekend we visited the local Science Center with the family, and learned lots about food, engineering, animal habitats.

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

By working together on a couple of engineering projects, my daughters worked on bonding with each other, and working in a team.

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

Our teen and tween discussed how much they generally eat, and what constitutes a healthy amount of food by studying a portion control project.

How to Find A Perfect Healthy Development After School Program for Children

This weekend was our typical day when we get to spend the whole day with the kids. W  hen we take up activities, we are mostly driven my the children, where they like to go, what they like to learn and do. This helps to avoid meltdowns, and keeps the whole family happy and motivated. Other times we engage children in sports related activities, and we change up what we do every few months depending on the season, and what everyone wants to do at the moment.


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